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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Tisdag 18 sept 03:29



Hahahahahaha. Our Equality is what is needed. hahaha. Our respekt to all is what is needed. I awoke in 2016, I have walked with and against others. I am building up myself with my own strength as should you, and I will eventually give out the universal balance of nature. The one that God always Had in mind. I am Slisk, I am no-one, I am Mats(Gods Gift) I am part of the word, I am the Word. The Word that is spoken is Honesty and I am Honesty with a Truth that gives all answers. hahahaha God always has the last laugh hahahahaha I am but an angel of honesty. hahahaha. Nirvana Is What is given, the truth and everything with it, when the new history is written. hahahaha Love is the answer but in reason and respect to life. From chaos comes order, and in order comes respect. Only they who question their own truth will understand that. The mind is the creator and the mind is the world of astounding greatness it is the creators fractal and the free thinking; of all. We already live in a good outcome, we all just have to grow, and we will all see the truth, past the polarities and notice the equality and with that comes the true balance and the truth will reveal itself. No more hiding of the mind. hahahaha.


Resistance; is Relative to the Motion of the Energy that is added.
Give resistance and the most brutal will win, give in; and respect will take over.
Change from within.
Stand up to your values!
But not your bad deeds, change to the better or worse out of free will.

The deeper knowledge will be released in time. In Swedish. hahhaha
Time; is Relative to the motion of the Energy that is added. HAHAHAHA!

Knowledge; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is added.




I am sorry for writing it in Swedish is really a diversive and loving language, as all languages are, that is why we need to be diversive so that we have more to learn from eachother. It was easier for me to express myself in my native tung and I think of all, I have always done that so the most important parts are in English. Many are indoctrinated with English, so that seems to be one of the natural choices to still have, because we need good and bad. The parts in English is Selectivly added so that you will want to know more. understand more. feel more. value more. respect more. There is so much love to all of you within me, that I am crying while writing! I hope to have it done by christmas this year. What I set my mind on, Will be done. All-In or void().  


Av Slisk Lindqvist - Tisdag 18 sept 01:59



 Read the book please, because there is more depth than this. 

 Life is a balance between Good & Evil, 
because everything is capable of doing Good & Evil, 
but it is always Pure in Intention. 

 There are no Right or Wrong in Morals, but there are in Values.
There is one Value to strive for, that is All life is Equal, All life is Sacred.
Therefore; Respect life and Life Will Respect you.

 Always stand up to your values, but not your bad judgment.

 The Law of Relativity of Everything; 
"Resistance; is Relative to the motion of the Energy that is added." 
If you lower your resistance; and start to listen; then you will be amazed,
what others have to offer in experience. 

Knowledge; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Life; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Love; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Evolution; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Experience; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Values; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added. 
Respect; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.

 Be Honest. Honesty is Eternal. Un-corruptible and Pure.

 Only the one exposed to others; bad judgment, can place judgment.
Choice; Give back the same and escalate the situation or be humble with an explanation why it was wrong, humble is growing of self, and the one that did wrong will, probably change to the better and be like the one that Placed the judgement.

 Listen to others, before you place your judgment. Oppression of Others is Oppression of Self and Growth.

 Everything has an equal and opposite, equal in values, opposite in growth


 Skriv ned din sanning på ditt språk blandat med ett universellt. Om ni verkligen vill ta del utav den ärliga sanningen som jag skrivit, så är det mesta på Svenska och den lär ut hur du blir hel och balanserad, vill man växa så måste man också ge utav sin egna energi.

   När du växt i mognad och väljer att skapa något gör det med din genuinitet, och ditt språk och blanda med ett universellt språk så att man lockas att lära sig mer. Det är så som vi finner respekt i varandra genom att dela våra kunskaper med varandra. Vi får vara priviligerade gällande våra erfarenheter men inte gärna spekulationer. Låt det vara sant till dessa att sanningen kommer fram. Att slå ner på någon annans tankar genom erfarenhet är inte repektabelt.

 Gud är ofelbar; för att det endast finns en uppsättning utav alla de erfarenheterna, i annat så kan alla fela, även jag, för att vi är alla utav lika värde. Man ska inte vara lat, lägg ned tid på det du skapat och använd det själv om andra uppskattar det så vill de göra en kopia, på så sätt använder vi inte supermycket resurser. hahaha, jag kommer släppa boken digitalt och i pappersform, jag tycker inte om att växter används, speciellt om ingen läser det, så jag hade tänkt trycka den utefter förfrågan. Om man behöver forma om skapelsen, så är inte tanken fullständig. Skapa inte ur viljan att ha, gör det utav mognad och analys till vad andra kan behöva, det är då det blir som bäst. Boken blir färdig när tiden är rätt. hahaha


Why did we lose our memories of the past? We lost connection to ourselves and nature, it was because we got separated within and therefore seperated on the outside; we lost respect to life itself. My Word is my truth, You can reconnect yourself through the knowledge of my experience, or grow by yourself with the guidance of these small words. 

Think inwards; before you act upon your thought.



Patch Description; Patch Below! 

Morals are Black (Tainted, Negativity through Lies) and 
Morals are White (Purity, Positivity through Honesty)
Blue is the Polarity of Positive Energy, Authority and Logic.
Red is the Polarity of Ground Energy, Desires, and Emotions. 
Violet is Balance between the Polarity and the Values. 
Violet is Rationality (Logic & Creativity & Emotions) 
Yellow is Happiness and the free choice of actions you may take. 
Green is Calm and the connection to Nature; Inner Peace & Respect to Life. 
Morals is connected to it all of it.

When you enter outside of the realm of balance and into the grey zone,
there will be either nothing but void(Black); that is you ensnared to your desires and fears, don't shut others lights out in this crucial moment, because when this happens; it's only natural my friend and it will bring personal growth in return. The second is white and it represents 'all-in'; creativity by interest it is the inner light within. When everything is brushed of, It shows of personal growth and you are trying to balance the sadness with happiness by creativity.

When we let go of our desires, we enter the state of respect of others. Believe in yourself till you know that you can create anything by own will. It happens to us all, but don't fade out of the other individuals life as in; the experience was nothing of worth, because there is always someone that is hurt; seldom is it none. It is Always all or none.
We have but one life and it is sacred, respect life and life will respect you.
Life; Is Relative to the motion of the energy that is added.

"Growth is void when the energy is stagnant. Don't loose yourself."


Av Slisk Lindqvist - Söndag 9 sept 14:18


Did the moonlanding really happen? 

I did not believe in that at all, It took me years of questioning this simple thing, and I eventually got the answers. They where harsh, I really wanted NASA to be liers. That was my whole tantrum about them, but I also have some understanding in data so I was quite easy to convince that the pictures of earth are different, because of the composite raw data and with different camera technologies. A VGA picture and a 4K picture have really different qualities to it, and when we changed from Analog to Digital, the pictures went down in quality first, and they have become better with time.

Watch the Video from nVidia of the moonlanding. It was for me eyeopening. Always Question the Truth and you will eventually come to the Insight of what God is. 


Av Slisk Lindqvist - Söndag 9 sept 13:30

Anti-Christ? All that are not Illuminated are Anti-Christ's.
666 is the number of the Beast, and almost everyone are marked by it in one way or another even if you see yourself as innocent. Because Desires is the beast, it creates the suffering of others. That is the truth. We cannot live without it, because it is a part of everyone, but we can learn how to control our desires, by not giving in to every little wants that we crave.
All those that has not yet taken in the Insight of their own faults in the suffering of others are sinners(wrongdoers). The end time is when you wake up to become Illuminated by the knowledge of God. The knowledge of truth. Everything is sooooo much Simpler than you could ever imagine it to be. Christ was a follower of Righteous Truth. Anti-Christ is the follower of Desired Truth. They are One.



Av Slisk Lindqvist - Torsdag 6 sept 16:56

Alien Deception?

When it comes to me I have been there, I believed in aliens, that they are everywhere, but We are all people with fragile minds. If we have fears, then we will create what we fear. Aliens have to exist though. We can't be the only planet with life on it. There is also much that people tend to not understand about the brain, the metabolism of the body and time/speed or timespace. When you understand more about it, then you will also understand more about others, and 'mental illnesses'.

Anyway! Check out the video that I found. It was really interesting.



Av Slisk Lindqvist - Torsdag 6 sept 15:52


CIA was created as a countermessure, but it has gone rouge.



The CIA is known for a stunning amount of strange things, for those of us that questions the truth at all times. I don't blame them for what they have done, but it was still corrupted decission's that should have never been made. Check out the video, and see for yourself or read up on files about The John F. Kennedy CIA Assassination back in the 60's.



Av Slisk Lindqvist - Onsdag 5 sept 02:52


Is Atlantis Finally found?

These two videos are the thought of different people, and the first one i the latest truth. Probably the only truth. The latter video is one that hold some interesting thoughts, it was the position that I actually myself, after I had seen it, thought to be the real position of that old lost city. Even if it's incorrect, it still has some other interesting material in it. 




The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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