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My assertion to why cancer exists. Cancer be gone!

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 19 mars 2017 16:50


Breath. It's as easy as that.
 The breathing is important for any induvidual, and I will tell you why I think so and how it is that I think this way shortly.


*Edit. Cancer is Clickbait. Stop eating meats, diary products, and fats, become raw food vegan, eat fruit, berries and veggies. That is how you hopefully don't get cancer, if you think this is not fact think again, because you are indoctrinated to eat meat diary products and destroy the world. Watch the videos in the link.
VEGAN - Why should I change and what would the positive impact be?

 *I hate it when the computer don't play along and the text vanishes, so now I will write it again, if i can remember everything, because short term mermory is not as good as the long term one, and this edit is because others got really buthurt and did not like my choice of words and could not see that I actually wrote NOT SCIENCE MAY BE PSUEDOTHOUGHTS but apperently some can not read.
Well breathing was it now!
So think of this, how do you breath?
  When we think of breathing we just naturally do it, because we know that we need oxygen, and it's a part of air which is one third of the equation to life (Life <=> Energy) and energy is gathered from Food, Water and Air, everyone of these are as equally necessary for life to exist, but we usually don't think of how we breath, I could very easilly tell you that you are just about surviving right now, as you are breathing wrong. So what is breathing wrong? Most people are very stressed, without reason, many people even smokes, smoking is a great example of how an induvidual is breathing wrong, in & out through mouth in short waves and with little oxygen relative to the smoke. When you breath in short burst, your body will have to work more, using more energy to hold up the pace. So the breathing technique that the majority of people are "using" is breathing short breaths in & out through the mouth, down to the upper lung, breathing out just as it has settled. This is short breathing, a technique you should use to cool your body, it's not meant to be used all the time, but it has become the normal way of breathing. This strains the body in many ways, as the body needs lots of oxygen to work, and if you only give it "small" amounts, the whole system will need to double it's speed to divide an equal amount of oxygen to all parts, and as it's less than needed the heart and lungs will have to work even harder. People that use more oxygen than they have are usually experiencing anxciety and in worst case scenarios even full blown panic attacks, when you breath wrong and you don't get the right amount of energy needed you will start to work faster to be able to distribute, so you start to breath faster and this is out of fear, because the body is chocked because of the lower amount of oxygen, so it starts to give warning signs in the outer body parts such as hands and feet, to stop this from getting worse all you have to do is breath right, usually we don't think in this moment we rather work with the asumption that faster is better so the body WILL go into muscle cramps as a selfdefence machanism, and it will cause you to faint, this acts as a reboot of the body, and while you are fainted, the basic features of the body can take over and start with a bigger intake of oxygen, so how? Well deep breaths ofc.

Have you thought of how you breath?

 The trick to a long and healthy life is actually, eat right, drink lots of water and breath right. FUCK IT I ACTUALLY WROTE SOMETHING REALLY GREAT, MOVED OVER AND MY HAND GOT ON THE MOUSE, SENT ME TO THE STATISTICS FOR THE BLOG, ENDING UP ERASING AT LEAST THE DOUBLE AMOUNT OF TEXT THAT YOU SEE NOW, THAT I HALF ASSED PUT TOGHETER IN ANGER. I will rewrite when the time comes when i don't spend hours of detailed thoughts just because people don't understand stuff anymore with out the step to step guide to life.

 Will something as easy as switching my breathing technique have a good impact?! By All means, YES!
   Think of it like this, you have a cake, A big one, It is divided into 20 equal parts, you are going to have 30 guests over in total, but not everyone eats cake so you just bought one cake by the usage of that assumption. You also forgot to buy something for the other guests out of stess, or something. Now you will have 1/3 that will not have as much energy to talk or act as the other 2/3. You could as easilly had bought two cakes and had some leftover, for later. Well most do the later in real life but not when they breath.
  Usually people act out of an asumption. That was a really bad metaphor, it will have to work.
If you have a car and you give it half a tank you will not be able to travel as far as with a full. *duh* Logic! Maybe only halfway :) or worse, just a quarter of the total distance (or less).

So most people, breath through the mouth In and out, They use the part of the lungs that is underneath the chestpiece (upper lungs not the lower) and they breath fast, everyone does that when they are stressed, because the body will need more air to go. ^^ So what if this way of breathing was actually straining the body, because everything in the body actually needs air, IT is one out of three fuel injections. (AIR, FOOD, WATER) If you give it less than it needs it will not be able to travel as far, right?
Establishing rational logic. :D

Are your hands and feet often cold?
Even though you exerscise, eat healthy and don't smoke? Why is that? Think of your breathing and try this instead. It will not work directly you fool, it will need your active attention, so please listen.

  •     Breath in through your nose.
  •     To your lower lungs, the abdomen.
  •     Wait for the air to settle in the upper lungs.
  •     Breath out through your mouth.

Do this for around 10 minutes a day for couple of weeks, if you do it more often that is good to.
So what are you doing? You are training daily, so that the brain thinks it's natural, but it will take some time for it to make it as a normal action.

What does this change, Really?!  My rational thought actually tells me that breathing like this warms the air that travels in your body through the blood, so that outer body parts like the hands and feet gets warmer, because I don't believe that it is bad circulation of blood... Why would anyone even think something so stupid anyway?!
The heart has a constant beating, if not strained by training which elevates its beating or when you die in which it stopps and the blood is still, then it would be assigned as bad circulation. The heart is a muscle and as we all know if we don't exercise them they wont get stronger, so exercise is really important in the long run, even though it is just walks.

Breathing through the Nose:
So cold air, goes in through your nose, passes by the sinuses and in to your mouth, down the throut and into the lower part of the lungs, warmth travels up, gets taken by bloodcells and distributed througout the body, used air gets converted into carbon dioxide and it's called "old air" and it gets back into the upper lungs, and there she blows! ^^

Breathing through the Mouth:
So cold air goes in to mouth and down to the upper lungs, gets distrobuted througout the body old, used air (carbon dioxide) get back to the upper lungs and out she blows!

Do you understand what, sending room temperatured air vs. body temperatured air does to the body? Do then you understand what difference just a mere 10 degrees celcius would do to the body? Chainreaction! You would become healtier, because, the body would become warmer or colder, how you breath is dependant of that, it Is as important to breath as it is to eat or drink, and definetly dependant of HOW to.
Some viruses in the body would die of, some viruses actually thrive in warmth, so it would make some of them show their properties faster, but that is only if you don't think of the fact that the lungs will make air go bodytemp if you breath right. It would be fun to test if sick people in warm aired locations would react to like breathing in cold air to lower the body temp, that would be a nice experiment, to see if some viruses would survive in colder blood, mutheeeeerfukkeeeeerz! ^^
My belief is that breathing wrong not only makes you sick in the long run, it is perhaps also the cause for koncentration problems for a minority that I think will get bigger with every generation, when the brain is working a lot, all the inner movement will create heat and it will need to get cooled of, so breathing right will cool the brain  that works the most, the frontal lobe because you have sinuses going up between your eyes and into the whole forehead. (Inside of the cranium)

Friends who did not believe me when I was talking about this with minor detail this summer, hope you understand me now.

Basic belief then.
If you get cold air in system, system freeze, If hot, system hot, if to hot, system will crash. Understand?

So did that sound like something stupid? Rational?! WOW! ^^ Thanks.

Have you thought of how you breath?
Time to make a change? I think so too.

Thank you for reading. Comment if you believe there is something missing. Peace




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The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

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Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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