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Koran / Qur'an - Muslim - Islam. The fact & fiction?

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 22 mars 2017 13:00


!! I am not here to make people angry if you are a muslim and already open for fact based information, this may be interesting. I myself found this to be very interesting, and it could be labeled as taboo as it can be a problem going against the faith of Islam and the texts of the Qur'an.!!
(I am not a muslim, I have another faith which is not written nor teached. I am not a right wing activist, nor racist, this was not meant to be a "right winged" post. People who use their heads are often truth seekers and open minded and that is what I am.)

I found a video, while searching about Islam, well, I didn't spend the whole night just reading parts of that. Youtube has many faces, many dark hoaxes and others with information, good or bad.
(I believe in everything and nothing, all att the same time, kind of contradicting, but if you do not understand, then you will not be open for it and to be open for it does not mean that you need to understand either.)

For me this is not about destroying anyones faith, you can not simply diminish someone's faith with "proof". Faith comes out of heart and is supposed to be there for some people, science does not support my spiritual belief, and even if facts are rubbed into my face it will not kill my faith. We all need some belief to be happy, even if some are for the basis of control, because religion has always been a way to control or entise others to either become better humans or to follow a rule and one of the simplest ways to involve others in same or similar thought are through religion to try and build bridges between different cultures and try to establish moral grounds to live on, nothing more. To include politics and law in religion is both good and bad as it can for some make them stay in the old ways of life and it is good as a book of religious thoughts has always been higly valued, priests or it's likelyhood has always been in high positions as scholars and teachers. Religion is for me an old way to try and make the world civilized fast, but in the midst of power it has gone corrupt. You are truely civilized when you are with good morals and is open to other induviduals thought. 

I hope that that was not insulting and rather a seen as it is a thought based in rational thinking.

When it comes to my belief it is not really a religious belief, it's a way of living and there is no direct way to read into it, because it has not yet been written. Basically "Every living thing has the same value, as we are equals to energy, so treat everything with the same love and respect that of you would treat yourself or your parents". I would like to write my own religious belief onto paper, and maybe some would like to follow it, there are so many texts that are written with morals in the center. Enough of that. 

This is a seminarium held by Jay Smith. It was interesting to watch. Especially in some sense of history about the Qur'an. I felt that Jay was a bit arrogant from time to time, very much when he got excited, I don't think that he is respectful, in the sense that I don't think he notices or thinks about the consequence of getting "your" reality and or faith hurt, but still really interesting. I recommend that you see it still.

In the seminarium which I hope that you just saw, he told everyone about some books and a 90 minute long documentry. That documentry was really interesting to watch, and it held much appreciated information, for me anyway. I hope you feel the same way. If you instead want to download the Documentry, it can be found on the pirate bay, I have noticed for some or many that the site is blocked so I will be linking the magnet link at the bottom, and I will also link two ways to use the magnetlink.

ISLAM, The Untold Story.

This is a long video of debates between Jay Smith and Dr.Shabir Ally.  

There was a specific site told of by Jay Smith. I could find two so they will be her under, I do not know which one of these it was that he meant, to be honest I have still not checked any of them properly.

Streaming or Downloading the documentry.
Popcorn Time - This is an application that lets you watch movies etc by streaming torrent file contents.
Tixati - This is a torrent download manager, you will need this or any other manager to download the file.

Magnetlink: ISLAM, The Untold Story.

Forgiveness is hard, but the easiest part is to forgive others.
- Slisk Lindqvist (Think about it.)





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The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

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All Life is Sacred.
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