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Empath's, the Glory of Karma.

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Lördag 27 jan 13:12

Everyone are Empath's. Not up for discussion, it's a statement.
We mirror each other when we are on the same 'wavelength'.
The one's that we resonate with mirror us all the time. (Walk in the same pace, same heart-beat, breathing at the same time. Japanese calls this something special that I can't remember right now, it was in a car commercial a couple of years ago.)

This is really good to know when you walk in on a new adventures relationship, it could change everything! It could be the best thing that have ever happened to you, but if they are abusive, or act narcissistic, say stupid things etc..... Well, don't judge. 
Do this! Look towards how this person is with others, If he/she behaves in the same way as with you, then it is truly he or she who is the problem, otherwise, you better look towards yourself in first hand. I would go to the latter from the beginning since you're the one that could be the 'offended' one. (Even others bad habits are mirrored, that is why I don't like alcohol, drugs or smoking, I keep coughing up slime or feeling the effects. Cannabis is not a drug! It's medicine, read all about! It's news everywhere!)
Back to the offended bit, right? Don't judge others, see to yourself! Because your behavior, will be mirrored in every relationship that you have and if you keep blaming others for it you will never be able to have a good life or relationship, the people that have understood this have really good relationships.
This is what I have learned on my road so far and I have much more to learn, so does everyone else too.
It's difficult for most people to accept this, but such is the truth. Never easy, and most of the time it hurts more at the second you hear it till you start to understand what I meant by it. 

This is Karma in it's basics. It's beatiful. 
Don't think that this is the truth? Start thinking about it and you will notice all the people around you acting different when they are with different individuals, often enough even copying each others, so stop being jelous because you think that others have a better connection, be happy that they are able to be such good friends instead, and depression is the low levels of serotonin, so lets grab & eat some veggies. #govegan

Read all about the Serotonin and how to get it in this factbased compilation, that actually kind of hints that it's wrong eating animals, but never really stating it out loud. Since, well, it's controversial and your serotonin system works as it's own moral pointer.  => LINK <=

I know that I seem harsh, but truth is truth, and you can't cherrypick what is true or not, just because you want to flee from reality. Stop blaming others for what you obviously have done to yourself. 

This here is a answer towards a person that had ended an abusive relationship and victimized herself by talking shit about her ex. Openly in a group, this is the real narcissist.  'Hey look at me I had a rough time! Please see me and feel sorry for me.'  They usually miss it themselves, and it's always someone elses fault. 



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The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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