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Dr. Michio Kaku Is a really interesting person. ^^




My thoughts of time though, is that it's relative to the strength of an electromagnetic field vs light. There is no speed, there is only time in light. Full darkness CANNOT be created, since rays can penetrate anything and anything living radiates their own electromagnetic fields wherein expressions can be emitted, such as sound, light, feelings and thoughts (Yeah yeah yeah, take it or leave it.). To 'stop' time we need to shield a 'room' with electromagnetism and with something that does not radiate light or reflect it. This is probably why dark matter is so interesting, because where the fields does not reach, there is only darkness, and in darkness exists no time. I wonder if movement is possible. To add to this is that I personally think that we basically live in a holographic fractal universe within a time travel loop. There is so much with the 5000+ year old scriptures that does not add up. If it's not a scam, well then, there is actual proof in the Torah that makes this thought as possible as any other that exists. Meaning Probable. We have different dimensions proven through quantum physics, but I have a difficult time swallowing that without question, but I have no problem accepting that a fractal has been created naturally or because of a singularity in time travel, especially since it's naturally occurring through the Fibonacci sequence everywhere in nature! And with re-occuring cycles of occurrences, day, night, moon, sun, or like the movement of other planets, plasma clouds, ice ages, catastrophes etc.

There was a particle found back in 2016 that is 'faster than light', right? The neutrino? "A neutrino is a fermion that interacts only via the weak subatomic force and gravity. The mass of the neutrino is much smaller than that of the other known elementary particles" So how much smaller is it then? Could it be possible that it's not faster, it just smaller than a photon and it surfs on the photons? It would then be "faster". If it has a smaller mass it could probably have enough energy to create a large field and make itself larger without any implication or rather, 'abolish', the exposure of light/photons within it's electromagnetic field.

I once thought of when you fall, do you fall faster because of the lack of resistance (friction, body heating up, air scatter, less air around... etc.) This feels so wrong for me, since that means that you should weigh the same at all time till the impact full to zero speed occurs, but that is stating that speed exists. Is it measured and proven for use or theorized and 'proven' for casual use in mainstream knowledge, like gravity? or do you fall faster because your mass gets larger with time through the distance falling? (Because gravity. The unexplained force.) (Didn't you figure it out that I don't believe in speed, well only TIME and even that does not exist, it's a bubble within a field, you age faster the weaker the electromagnetic field is, my thoughts.) Live longer, with a healthy body that can create a field strong enough to block the photons. If you exclude or weaken the electromagnetic field, then time is equal to the quantity exposure of photons that are made, meaning the two unknown objects will fall in the same 'speed', more likely perish because of 'time'. There will never be a complete lack of an electromagnetic field though, so light will always be stopped in some manner, but where the field is weaker the objects will float or lose much of the 'magnetic' attraction. I have lots of thoughts on the go for this thing called gravity, but when your field is the opposite to the one you are on, then it means that as long as you're within the stronger field, then you will be attracted towards it's center mass/point or force peak. This is probably also the answer to how we create teleportation/wormhole jumping, time travel, faster than light speed is probably something that is not possible, It's rather the in-exposure to light, that creates a time 'distortion' where you will feel it taking longer time personally, meaning larger distances over the same amount of time. basically, teleportation. Wormhole jumping on the other hand is using teleportation in a combination of matter quantum locking & discharging.

Oh yeah! The most important of my thoughts, I am very certain that we are not the only living entities on earth, if you minimize the light you reflect or radiate, then you will probably 'vanish' from the visual spectrum that most people can see. Meaning natural cloaking. 

I saw the movie Loving Vincent here a couple of days ago, he stated in one of his letters that his days felt like a week, what would happen to someone that would live out a longer life in mind? What would happen to the visual spectrum? Which colors would be seen, what would be seen? Have you looked at a long exposure photography? Now take that, and one of the Vincent Van Gogh's paintings. Tell me that his mind was ordinary. No wonder that he wanted to die. I thank him for his works though, because they are more like proof of concept of my thoughts now, that I have had for years now. I entered this state myself, where I saw insects moving in slow-motion when they naturally moved a lot faster, colors changing, light emitted from animals and humans and trees etc. I also noticed my days being longer than they used to be, and the clouds stood still on the sky, for what I felt was 10-15 minutes before even moving a little. In this state I was to some people manic, but for others that was calm, I was as calm as them, but did still feel the same. Time also changed when I noticed it and I haven't said this for two years now, but I lost 24 hours, because I said one thing and wanted something else, and both came to happen, even thought they shouldn't had been possible.

These thoughts also add up/ cohere with different mental illnesses that I am really interested in, because of their symptoms, the same apply to certain drugs, and my thoughts about how they really work or cooperate with the body. Here is something interesting though, some Smokers of pot in early age, tend to look younger for a longer time, what I suppose cannabis does is slowing down thoughts and heartrate to the degree that some people actually report slow-motion sensations. The same sensations that I got from meditation, from our own substance that is more or less the brain activity substance. Serotonin. No drugs, have any other effect on you then the one it has on your metabolism. Slowing or heightening it in speed, making serotonin to have a stronger or weakened effect depending on the drug.

I am probably thinking to much, and being stupid as always, but I think that most things are more simple than we let it be.

It's closing in to the reality.






The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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