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Av Slisk Lindqvist - 19 augusti 2018 15:20

I have added some new categories!

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I tend to post at different times per year and not frequently, in an everyday manner, I only want to post the thoughts that I want to save for others to take part in, some are utterly rediculus some time later. Laughs are better than nothing. 


Av Slisk Lindqvist - 19 augusti 2018 12:34

So, I got this really friendly and loving message on facebook and she was talking about our like-minded approach on how to grow within from Buddhism, from my point of view though, that is not really the exactly right estimate of how I have come to my conclusions, since all the religions and spiritual thinking eventually try to express the same thing in different words and I have used my extremly petite amount of knowlegde of most of them, to grow for myself, anyway she did suggest me to read this book called 

"You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay

Basically because, I mirror other people, just as everyone else does, every day, I just tend to be very perceptive of it, and told a bunch of others that are pretty perceptive of their human nature that I was overrun by a very strong and morally negative feeling, from one of the people that I connected with for a small amount of time, and it was like death and strong sorrow, and basically I almost reinacted them, because I let them take me over totally. I released the feelings though and it all stopped, but I have a different take on how the human nature is, what an empath is, and what the universal language is, and I openly try to push this 'reality' upon others, in the hope that they will act upon this new knowledge, and with that I mean, help those in need that send out these negative feelings. Most empath's though, tend to see others feelings as an attack on their personal space and chose a more self-interest aproved way of life. Which in many cases is to ignore the sadness of others in order to keep on being happy for themselves. In their own ignorance, they told me to seek out professional help because my point of view is alienated by most people. Just keep on reading to understand why that is.

These next parts here, was the answer that I gave this really spiritually beautiful person. Gramatical errors will confuse you, a Quote is a Qoute though. I DON'T GIVE A CRAP I WILL REWRITE IT, SO THAT IT'S READABLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE.
"I haven't really read anything, about anything. I tend to go on and use my own experiences and thinking in life, to be able to evolve 'spiritually'. Spirituality though, often point people in a direction, that I tend to see as wrong, because it's focus is self-interest, that's a path towards narcissism. Spirituallity is quite new, compared to the other religions and that is probably why it focus on your wellbeing and not the others around you, it's maybe because of people's misreading in what is what and what to really learn, It's probably all the misguided, new age, spiritual individuals that makes me think this way, all to many of them are self-centered. Religion on the other hand is often misread and interpreted as either violent or narcissistic etc. this is actually misread because of the non-existing understanding of the fundamental ideology of the scriptures, if you don't read into it to deep and actually understand the macro idea, then you will understand that it's whole purpose of existing, is to teach you (the reader) and everyone that takes part in it, to awaken their own inner innocence again through high values & high morals. When we are born, we are not corrupted, we ARE truly innocent and because of the society and the 'better knowing' individuals, (that we tend to be naive enough to look up to) push their ideas, values and agendas on us to the degree, that we eventually lose ourselves and that innocence.
Morals state that nothing is right or wrong, and that is exactly true, but your actions in different situations are still dictated through the state of your own values, If you are surrounding yourself with bad values, you will probably eventually accept these values as your own, and mirror them onto others if you once again lose yourself. By strengthening your own self-esteem, you will actually be able to stand up to the values you have and the other beLIEves that you might think is right. All values are right, all thoughts are right and respectable. It's the actions reenacted upon those values, that can be seen as morally right or wrong by others, and there is no right or wrong's in the basics of it all, and accepting that will help you grow. When your values are in 'innocence' mode, you will be unconditional, and actually just accept other people's growth and see the beauty of it without question.
When you tend to instead force these values of others upon yourself, you will instead take the path of narcissism, which has the same outcome, but instead in the absence of unconditional respect and acceptance, you now just accept everyone's thought's by not caring. I really have a difficult time to accept the path of the narcissist, because it's the path of suffering, since you will hurt yourself, and others around you through it, and it's also the feeder of a low standard society. This is basically why we are now fighting eachother, we have to deal with sexism, objectification, violence, ignorant behavior (meaning, my idea has more worth, /ignore #yourthoughts), etc etc etc. Because Narcissism all has to do with gratification of self and you indulge in what ever you value as important because of self-interest, resulting in the suffering of others and self eventually, because we will mirror that behavior towards others.

What you see is what you get, because what you give is what you see.
If you don't notice and understand, that the mirroring into others is your reflection and that it is basically you yourself setting up an experience through your own values, then you will go on to blame others for how you are treated. That is basically ignoring the consequences of your own actions. This IS the society that we live in now, and the "Everything that happens to me, is not my fault." mentality has grown to become protected by laws, and people keep telling themselves and others these same lies to keep on feeding themselves in order to feel good, and truth, (which was told by Buddha with the sun and the moon), can't be hidden for long, it will instead hurt so much to hear it, that it creates an inner chaos of misfortune with the outcome of a defensive behavior, because no one actually want to freely accept that they had a part to play in their own experiences.
I'm an empath, I understand in basics, how we universally communicate with everything around us. I learn from others by accepting their values and knowledge,
I don't know anything. (True wisdom, no one knows everything or anything.)

I see a lot if not all consequences of most of the actions that are made by others and myself, that results in the suffering of others. It's really frustrating not to really have influence on other people, in the regard of making them see this for themselves, this is also what has placed the grounds for the polarized politic's, socialism encourage low values, narcissism by presenting desires, like money and materialism, this is creating a less intelligent society, by indulging in the socially accepted 'liberal' behaviors, like some of the 
standards that state and push for the  freeing of your body and your choice to do what ever you like with it etc, this is kind of a good thing, but not when low self-esteem is involved, which now has come to be a problem, where men's and women's roles are to be objectified and used for each others desires, spawning bad behavior, low values and morals and even more people that gets to be indoctrinated in the same ways as the earlier generations, because the non existence of the belief in consequences of actions, people living in yesterday, not thinking at all of the future and living in stress and trying to figure out the zen path in life.

The opposing force will come, and they don't have these low values, but instead low morals, and they will enforce high values in people by force, and dictate that the need for a strong gene pool is necessary and live by "what does not give, shall not have". This is has som grounds in Capitalism and is a deep part in nationalistic views and 'logic' behavior. Still there is no right or wrong in this. The actions are still what results in the new consequences, and since people still don't want to accept their own stupidity, then this movement will be met by a force of opposite stupidity and create even stronger and more extreme measures to defend their own lies. This actually goes both way's because these ideologies are both enforcing their believes and values upon others instead of letting it grow into something else naturally. We are mature enough to live without a govern. So what is the answer?
Balance! Intelligence is grown by responsibility and with that comes diversity, fellowship and friendly behavior through acceptance, it probably takes people longer to understand this but in the long run, it's the most humane and self-esteem strengthening option, give the people the power over themselves and everyone else. The majority is still going to win in every poll. I am talking about liquid democracy and in the future this will eventually grow into a global society with less suffering, where the golden rule is the only thing that we need to 'enforce'.
Sorry for the 'political' view, but religion has always given birth to the morals of the society, the grounds on which we all stand. Even if they are nowhere to be seen at the moment.

My inner knowledge tells me that it's not acceptable to enforce values upon others, they need to grow into it by themselves and different alternatives of religions and our free will are in place to eventually take us there. Innocence or Ignorance? The choice is yours, but it's a whole spectrum of choices and experiences in between."
I know where I stand in things. The changes in my life and in my values has changed me totally, I admit that I'm not the same individual in the ways of thinking that I once was, I think that is an improvement by my standards, since I think that we should all evolve in to something better.
Well, You may, perceive me in ways that I don't comply in, when it comes to how we see each other. When your values and moral's heighten, your self-esteem does to and you tend to stand up to and back your Ideas. NOW, everyone does not occasionally do that because of their own levels of values or experiences in which they have diffuse morals.
I am a mirror and most people, don't like the reflection they are met with. That should get you thinking.
I have started acting out on all energies that cross me, I have come to the personal conclusion, that It's better to let it out, than holding it in. Truth hurts, and that what hurts are always met by opposition, because the be'LIE'f that you already have strengthen your self-interest in the lie, rather than facing the truth of that you aren't unconditional.
I have over and over again stated and told people that I am no better than anyone else, because everyone has the same value in the perspective of the life force, I don't have a problem with that, I have a problem with the societies self-centered behavior, and I wish others to notice this and try to see the consequences of their own action, which is directly ensnared with the whole death and suffering of the world population as a whole, humans, animals, insects and nature included.
Would you stand up to a toad if it where killed by a friend? Probably not, because you don't see the value in anything else than that of in which furthers your convenience in life.
That is probably also why most of you just like me have had multiple partners in life, or even kids that doesn't have both parents. Because your own desires was more important.



The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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