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Av Slisk Lindqvist - 22 augusti 2018 18:00

Is it natural to go from being a person that believed in a society without laws in one spectrum? To then end up visualizing a whole other world that basically is respecting the individualism and freedom of others, to the degree that you don't really have the need for laws. I am talking about Syndicalism and the opposite of that, which instead is a state governed by 'religious' views, where the only rule basically is the golden one. 

I have rationalized my thoughts to the degree that I basically love true Capitalism, governed by the values of a fellow gods. Now WHY would I ever state FELLOW GODS. Because most religious people don't understand the primary objective of religions, which is to basically call out your inner innocence through good values and morals, these views can only be accessed through the virtuous, of the four pillars that hold up the world.

When you 'awaken' and start walking upon your path to achive the enlightenment towards the inner innocence, you will be met by hardships, in which you get to learn of  your own doing & part in all the experiences that you have gone through, when you 'ascend' to this level of understanding, then you will be closer to the innocence, you will start standing up against ALL bad behavior, but with an unconditional view and with a deep understanding of their behavior, in which you give the acceptance and forgiveness without the thought of punishments, because you now understand the meaning and most parts of the karmic system and the golden rule. This IS what it means to be GOD, A GOD. A figure of unconditional love that understand the ways of life and that he or she is the creator of their own path and experiences. Excluding this is mostly out of arrogance and with ignorance in mind. 

You still need the four pillars to even start to come close to accepting this truth though, and I have uttered for some time that the one's closer to knowing the TRUTH of GOD is actually the one's that does not believe in his or her existance (meaning the atheists/agnostics), but for me it's like stating 'I don't exist, and I don't believe that you are here either'. Quite funny actually. 

These are the pillars and YOU are the world, which is based and reside on top of them. If the pillars come down, so do you, till the day that you await the judgment of God (yourself) and succeed in change. 

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-perception
  • Self-respect

These virtuous are necessary for everyone to be able to respect and accept other people and stand up to the equal value of others! It can only work if it's within a state or society that promotes individualism and a common govern of each others welbeing through the single & mutual responsibility. This is given through the judgement of everyones equal value as an intellectual individual, to take part of and give to the collective. This will erradicate the self-belief and fear of being worthless, the narcsisstic behavior of the masses etc. Liquid Democracy is basically the only thing that is within our grasp of reality, as of now, that would change the world to the better.

So basically, I would like a religiously secular society to grow within a liberal capitalism, where we introduce direct democracy to truly give everyone the power and at the same time stop the likelyhood of a fascist totalitarian power, of any kind to ever grow, no 'single human' dictatorship, no 'group of leaders' dictatorship, no 'skynet computer' dictatorship, because we need both heart and brain, emotions and logic. People need to wake up and smell the fire, before it's to late, because it's building up for an opposition between the polarized behaviors of the world, emotions and logic, they are seperate, but part of the whole, like night and day, moon and sun. 

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
                                                                                                  - Edmund Burke


So many people are citing this quote, but yet so few actually understand the meaning of it, because you need to be able to see the hazard before it happens, to have the capability to perceive the consequences of action etc. but to even have something to warn others with, the warnings needs to be genuine and well thought of, so that they actually do right, because the values of the society as of now, is actually degrading the intellect of those that are different. From one point of view, some people get, or are truly intelligent through their values and others not so much. From the aspect of my thinking, the fault is wholly the one of the matriachal state government system, that we live within now, the whole of the western world.

Some people that should not be named, actually want a matriarchal society where everyone is 'equal', and blames the patriarchy (that we don't live under) for the whole objectification and sexistic behavior of (only) men. (I have been viewed as an object more times than I can count, and sexually 'assaulted' without my consent. I don't really care, because it's in the past and I live now), but I don't blame a non-existing patriarchy or the matriarchy to the full extant, because we all have a responsibility. I think that emotions want to do good and somtimes it gets wrong. It all has to do with the state of our own values, toward ourselves and others. That is what we need to make a priority, for future lasting change.     

Newtons third law of motion states that "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." and that statement can be used in many understandings, not only in logic, but also in emotions. Since I already view everything in a "polarity attraction" way, it's probably easier for me to take in that view, than it is for others, but do try to implement it, in any or all situations of life and you will see the connection and the consequences of those actions.  

Now comes the truth, that National Socialism is sad enough closest to actually be this 'dream society', if the bad values and xenophobic behavior would get excluded and everyone was to understand the equal value of ALL life, then it would maybe become a real option for the future, because the majority of the citizens do actually promote innovative thinking and freedom of the individual, so hopefully there will come change. We will have to wait and see what the future has to offer. 

Here is an answer to one of our esteemed Swedish citizens.
It display's my point of view in a very bias way, for the benefit of a good captalistic ideology and how to identify the matriarchal society that the western world is part of, and the matriachal ideologies part in history, as one of the true problems that has caused most of the worlds instability. We need a true change, and we need BOTH the matriarchal and patriarchal ideologies to coincide to create a better world. We need more understanding, and more accepting behavior from and between the polarized differences in people, either that or we just go full out patriarchy to show the politically correct people that they have been wrong the whole time.  




Av Slisk Lindqvist - 22 augusti 2018 15:11

Det här är inte en uthängning, för att jag försöker bara rationalisera med folk överlag, jag har alltid tyckt att det är konstigt att jag kunnat prata öppet med National Socialister i mitt liv. (Oberoende till min då status röding.).
Tyvärr så är många utav dem rasister eller främlingsfientliga. Vilket är helt fel väg att gå. 






The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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