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TheTruth: Do as I, and find Peace, in Heart and Mind.

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 28 augusti 2018 17:42


You first and not others, you serve others through yourself!

I am mearly human, because we are all equals in the prescence of Truth. You are all innocent because of your ignorance of your own behavior, that is why "Ignorance is Bliss". I have always been told to stand up for others, I have always been told to love myself, before I can love others. You Can Not, by The Truth that I am, be loved by others if you love yourself.

Self-interest is an expression of Desires to be loved, It Is the road to emptyness and narcissism, It Is the road into the world of becoming an object of sexism and of others amusement, A slave of others. I had to learn the hard way, that all that we are, are the mirrorings of how we view others. Everyone have been traveling all over the world experiencing things, judging it because of expectations, and then preaching to others what they have been doing, making others jelous of their travels etc. Out of the goodness of their hearts, I understand that, and much love towards you all because of that!

We must rebuild ourselves to be able to become our best selves and the four pillars is what is needed, Truth is Knowing something! If you are to do something then you need to Know who you are! What you are! What you stand behind! As long as, you aren't your best self, you will not be able to respect yourself or others, meaning you will never be able to love others out of respect only out of lust. The four pillars that hold up the world (which is you.) are - 

(Knowing you can do Anything, Standing up against your Fears. Knowing that their are No barriers in life. Before you say no, test it.),

(Knowing your worth without outside admiration. Knowing that you are good as you are. Knowing that you will have a good life.),

(Knowing that you are Equal to everyone. Knowing that You cause everything that you take part in. Knowing that you are not always right. Knowing what does & does not feed the Ego. Accepting All of you and understand that you are capable of both the 'good' or 'bad'.),

(Respecting Your own Values and upholding them with good sense of what is right or wrong. Not letting other peoples thoughts and values become your vaules and thoughts, instead consider everything as an opinion.)

When you start taking responsibility for what you have created, then you will be closer to the Truth.

Values are made not to be broken, but to be upheld!

I love all life forms, I respect their existence and I am amazed by the Truth that is shown just by looking at them. Maybe I'm A God, Maybe Not. You have a free will to choose what to believe in, but A God is someone that has strong Morals & Values and Stand Up to them, while Acting out that Truth, upon his/her-self and others In a righteous manner, those that does not respect others will be judged. But if You are not Righteous and selective to which one's you judge, then you should not judge others. There is no right or wrong in the world, but there are values, and the basic value is to treat others with the respect that you, yourself want from others.

 You have to give, to be able to get. Then you will have Respect of others. Since we are all equal life forces, we should also be treated in that manner, but firstly, you have to initiate and treat other as an equal life force, you sow what you reap. As I said earlier, we mirror the judgment that we hold onto others onto ourselves. Either, we are narcsissists or we show others what we think of them. I See the wrongdoings in the world right now and I want change! So I WILL Be That Change.

Respect the Fascist and the respect will be given to the Fascist.

I have set out to become a person that others can look up to, not to be Idolized, but Righteous and Fair.
I will then have to have Values and Morals that others, eventually looks to and live by themselves!
I want to inspire You to become a better person! A Righteous Person. Then, for that to come True, You need to start with the simple Truth that there is Only Yes or No in the Morals. Maybe is the word of the coward. Maybe are for those without self-respect. Maybe is for those with the fear of what others will think if they say No! Maybe is for those that does not behave or Act Equally towards others and are selective with their Respect! All Life is Sacred. It is that Easy, Life should then Be Respected. 

I am The Fascist! I am the Yes or the No, in Your behavior. If you are Immoral. I will point that out. Because Life comes first. Judgment will fall upon you eventually, when you see and understand your part in others suffering! I say this and this is what you Need to understand, so Respekt my Words without judgment, because you have no right to Judge others when you are selective with what you stand for, with bad Moral understanding comes Bad Judgment. You are the Values that you stand up for, So don't break them because of bad character. Truth is not there to be nice, It is there to be Truth. A Static answer to the same Question. We are the mirrorings of how we view others! Our morals and values may not like your actions and therefor We Judge others, but If we ourselves do the same wrong, then we are not to be trusted as good Judgement. All Life Is Equal, but your actions speak for your Values. If you behave bad in any way, then you prove to yourself that you are selective in the values that you share with others.


You Must Stand Up to your Values, NO Exceptions! Not protect your Immoral behaviors, because it is the Actions that you are being judged by, not the values! What you may think is right by you, might not be right by others, and Eating the Flesh of or hurting other Life Forms Is Not Okey! Murder is not right! If you take part in it, then you are a supporter! Taxes is annual theft! Money should be given freely and not stolen! If you promote Theft in any form, then you are Immoral.

Still I understand the good will of the heart that everyone has, We all want to make everyone see the same things and make a change for the better, but this world is about to crash down I respect the level of values and knowledge that you all are operating on, but I don't accept the actions. At all.

Here comes a speaker of truth!

People are waiting for a Messiah a Messenger of Truth, that Can make the world better. I have no,
Idea if I am supposed to be this person, I don't believe in my self to be an Idol of others. I Know that I am a Voice of God, A Messenger of Truth. Only God Can Judge! You are All in some sense awakening your Inner God of Righteousness, you are the creater of your Reality. Don't let others form you into their slave! You should be a Independant Genuine Individual! We all Need to act upon our morals, but if we aren't Righteous in Equality, then we have no right to tell others, that they are right or wrong! You only punish yourself by acting in without an understanding of the consequences.

Truth is, that If you see Innocence, then you will display innocence for others to take part of. It's just so damn difficult to find you all Innocent, when you are judgemental towards anything that is creating an opposite alternative view of the reality that you hold true. Everyone's values are equal in value, Everyone's creativity is Equal in value. People that are unsure of themselves tend to listen to others and take in their values instead of creating your own. #tired (Almost falling asleep.)

I will Update with more text later on. Truth is Righteous, Don't judge others Truth's, based on your Truth.




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The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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