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Av Slisk Lindqvist - 29 augusti 2018 16:15


Some of You might think, that I have a Messiah complex! I understand and Forgive you, but False Gods have no right to change Others. Don't Push Your Truth onto others! Only the Free willed Embrace God!

I AM The Awaited One! A Messenger of God!

God is different for All, but God is always Consistent by the Righteous!

God IS Truth!
Truth Is Honest!
Truth Is Strict!
Truth is Righteous!
Truth Is Unconditional!
Truth is Infallible!

To become A God is to Be Righteous by God!


I am Consistent!
I am Honest!
I am Strict!
I am Righteous!
I am Unconditional!
I am Infallible!

I AM Still Human!

I speak Only in My Truth or Not At All!
I am not Strong by my self,
To stand Righteously and not Place Judgment!
What We See, Is what We get, Because What we Give Is what We see!
Don't place your Judgment on others, See to yourself Firstly!

If you Place judgment, then you are no different from anyone else!

By God, Life is Equal, thereby Life is Sacred!
Don't be a Follower of False God's! Do not Idolize others!

Change your way, Children of God!

Become Truth Reincarnated!

I am The Messiah with Truth! Messiah is Reborn within You!


In Science, Occam's razor is Always Regarded primarily to be Chosen.
This is the Simplest of Answers for All to Embrace!

And God said "Let there be Light!" =D
(Happiness in the understanding of Truth.)

This Morning I got some more Insight.

"Judgement of others, is based on Your level of Innocence."


You are all innocent servants of Gods.

I am and I have told you before, that I am a messenger of Truth. God is Truth.
I am human, like everyone else. I have but one law for others to follow, All life is sacred.

You are supposed to stand up for your values! Not the bad habits or actions.
God is Truth, nothing more, nothing less. Truth is Simple, Truth is Righteous, Truth is Honest,
Truth is Strict, Truth is Unconditional!

Your pride took the best out of you and I lost my respect for you, for a while, till that in which I was awakened again. Respect the Truth, and the Truth Will respect you.

I have only had Truth to live by. I have seen my shortcomings, and I am still working on becoming the innocent God that is truly Unconditional. My judgment of others Morals can not be challenged, because in the Righteousness! All life is sacred! Selective behaviour is not Righteousness!


We have been thought by the innocence of others that, We Need to Love yourself, before we can love others and this is part of the path that we all have to take, in order to love other people! That is our destiny.
Truth will always guide us, as long as we are with righteous morals and values and stand tall to protect them.

Self-love though is only promoted by those who do not Question the Truth, thereby it will keep on creating Narcissism, and the consequences of the actions, well they end in the will to take whatever is their desires on the expense of others and Without remorse. The creation of Objectification of Others, materialism, sexism and Immoral Selective Behavior. Demands and Commandments of Others Will, Is the Path of Ego & Desires. They are of own creation and not in the Sincerity of other People's Free Will. This Will create the suffering of others! When you Do not Respect others! A Tug-of-War between Ego's will Arise!

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." ―  Isaac Newton

Upon that Truth, the Right way of learning how To Love others!

Which is not through the desires of the Ego, but instead that built out of Respect, but respect can not be given if you don't value yourself  first! You  need to feel respectfull towards others, before you can be treated with Respect. Thereby the Four Pillars must be established!
Because they are the foundation of the World.


All this in order for you all to uphold your Integrity, so that you can become Unconditional in the mutual respect towards Self and for All of Life. Now, there is One Truth that Can never be overwritten. We need to understand and Accept that we are capable of both Good & Evil.

The Chaotic Waves from the Internal battle between Righteousness and Desires is only found in balance, when your World is Flat. Only then can you live Righteously With Truth in Hand. God Is Righteous!
Morals and Values are Protected by the Righteous Few! You Can only Be Righteous if you Are Static!
Either something Is Wrong or It is Not. Question your Own Behaviors with Other Peoples Morals, but don't make them yours if You are the better judgement. All Life Is Equal in Value, therefore Life is Sacred.

Truth has always been there when you have asked for it's Guidance, you have only Chosen by Own Accord to Disregard It, because it has shown you, You! Therefore You have gotten hurt by your own Values. A lie will make you feel good, but Truth Hurts if you Do not Respect it. When you fully understand and accept it for what it is. You will Find inner Peace. Both in Mind and Heart. The Tug-of-War will End.

Do not judge other people, Accept them and what they say. All Wisdom given by others, is Filtered through our own Desires to be Right by our values and our knowledge at the time, Do not Act in Pride. God Is the Fascist! I Am A Fascist! Respect the Fascist, and you will get respect, Fascist!

Changes! Make understanding Easier! Time to Rewrite It Again.


All the unjustified judgment that you cast on others, Will be Mirrored Though You in behaviour,
for others to Judge upon! See No Evil! Hear no Evil! Speak no Evil!
I have Always Known my Truth, Therefore I have acted In Pride. Knowing your Faults, Creates opportunity for change! If others Point them out. Don't make It true. Respect What is Noticed and
double check it with Your Truth.





The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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