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TheTruth: Truth's Judgement!

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 30 augusti 2018 03:50

DESIRES Cause Suffering! Of Others and Self! That Is Karma!

Desires goes Against the only fucking LAW that Is Static.
Without Values You Are Immoral! Yes! It should be Shammed!

In And By The Truth! ALL Life Is Equal, ALL Life is Sacred!
You are not Supposed to Feel Good About Yourself,
When you Uphold Murder! Murder is Murder!
People Don't Respect Life Anymore! They Take it For Granted.
People Don't Respect Others! They Try To Command Them!
People Don't Respect Animals! They Eat Them!
People Don't Respect Nature! They Kill it!
People Judge Others Falsely! With Double Standards & Immoral Behavior!

I Can Place The Judgement on Others! Truth Is a Fascist!

Because My Morals Are Based on The Value To Not Disrespect Life at All.
I Solemnly Respect Your Values, but far from the Truth, are They often Followed.
TRUTH! Is not Selective! It will Be Righteous, Even if You Believe it or Not.
TRUTH! Is Honest! To Anyone that Respects It, Accepts & Listens.
Everyone are Innocent on their Own Accord, Blaming others For all ill deeds they Go Through.
I See your Belief of Innocence through Your Truth, and that You Reject My Truth and I pity You.
All Beings will Eventually Come to the Same Conclusion, often enough All To Late in Life.
I See the Privileged Unicorns In the making Everywhere.
So Where are The Righteous Unicorns being Made?

When you Take in the Truth! When You Stop Rejecting Righteousness.
When You Stop Living With Selective Morals. When You Respect Life.

Then Messiah Will be Shown. Because He is Within Us All.
Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and many more Already Knew this.

God Is Truth, Live By Truth.
Stand Your Ground!
Stand By Your Values!
Reject Your Selective Behaviors!
Reject Your Bad Behaviors!

What you Think Of Others!
IS Your True Self.
Life is the Balance between Good and Evil.
See the Innocence In Others, Only then,
Will you Become the Innocent.


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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Fredag 3 maj 18:11

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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Fredag 3 maj 15:46

Missförståndet som skapar Rädsla.   Alla är väl religiösa / troende på ett eller annat sätt, de som inte tror på sig själva vänder sig till en förklaring genom vetenskap, insikt, vänner eller religion, de som inte förstår sig på vetenskap vänd...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Söndag 24 mars 19:47

  I AM Who am I? Really? I haven't really figured out that part yet, I only know that I mirror other peoples inner wisdom and give it back to those in need, trying to cure the blind, but I have no Idea if I AM the right person for the situational...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Tisdag 29 jan 10:49

MINA BESVÄR? Suttit och läst om en massa olika delar utav schizoaffektering, bipolaritet, affektering, schizofreni, psykos och annat, då jag kan.... ha haft förstärkta känslor.. ett 'litet' tag nu, eller har, fick en mindre 'hypomani' nu på morg...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 5 november 2018 16:45

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The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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