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TheTruth: The Flood Is On It's Way!

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 31 augusti 2018 13:54

We are at the End Times! As in The End of The Ego as our Master.

Religion my for some, just be some stupid book, that a power hungry church tried to indoctrinate into people. It couldn't be Further from the Truth. It holds A lot of understanding and is very unconditional, but this was not what I was going to talk about. It is the parts wherein the Bible it is Stated that In the End of Days it will be much False Truths, To that deegree that Even the Chosen few will Get Decieved by them. There will be many false Prophets of Truth. It took me some time To come To this level of Insight.

You may think that I am really Strange, but It is my Experiences that took me to this place. I love you all so much, Because You are all so Innocent towards the Truths that You believe in. Hardships in Life are the only thing that Will take you further. That Will take you to the Brink of Death and only Reason and your Values will take you Past the Hardships.

I killed my Ego totally, With that Means, I killed my Desires fully.
Many are Seen As Sick by the Ones that Follow the False Truths. Some things, can not be Healed by others. It is Only something that we can do ourselves.


Fight our Fears. Fight our Desires. Fight our Values. Fight our Morals. Raise Yourself to the better and you Will have Four Pillars that Stand Strong, If you have the back for It!

"Declare your Jihad on thirteen enemies you cannot see- Egoism, Arrogance, Conceit, Selfishness, Greed, Lust, Intolerance, Anger, Lying, Cheating, Gossiping and Slandering. If you can master and destroy them, then you will be ready to fight the enemy you can see."
― Al Ghazali

Start with your Own behavior before you declare Judgement of Others! All to many of you are Living without Respect towards Life. You have double standards and you often enough Think that you Know things about others and Judge.

I already know your Innocence in Your actions, It's up to you to Become Innocent now, Prove Me, by seeing the Innocence in Others. It is only when others See it that You become Innocent! I see the Innocence in others, through my own Experiences. I Know that you Are acting upon your Experiences, Your Knowledge and the Truth that others have Given and you Stand By.

That Does Not Change the Fact that You do Not Respect other Peoples Truths. You must First
Respect yourself, in order to Respect others, firstly you need to See to yourself, Accept that you have had Bad Behaviors and Change your Ways to Live up to A New and Improved you. It is only By then, that you Will be able to Respect others fully. See their Innocence and Become Truly Innocent.

Enough About That! I am here to Talk about Visions Others Truth's.

I have many Friends that Are currently In the Different 'Cluster' States. I spent my Life Saying No to Other Peoples Truth's and their Synthetic Lobotomy answers to All problems.

Pill Doctors have Used their Level of Judgment and Insight, and Blindly Trusted others Knowledge in order to Fix 'Mental Illness'. I Don't blame you, because you see one thing, I live By Occom's Razer, 'Allways Choose the Simplest Answer'.

It so Simple Really, That others fight it of as Pseudoknowledge, because it hurt's their Pride. People with Visions, are not Sick, People with Schizophrenia aren't sick. That is your Judgment. It is Their own personal Priston, and they must break free from it, themselves.

By overcoming their hardships in life, by giving themselves up to Truth fully. Only then will they get the Insight that they need to Change their Ways.

Those of Us, that can not Accept themselves and the Reality they have taken part in, will create their own, where they are either Punished or Accepted by others.

I have a father, that is punishing himself, because he is to Afraid to meet His old Selfs and Accept who he was, and because of this He is Now Cowarding in Fear of others Judgments. That Is the Demons that He has created, his Creativity is Driven by Fear, and when He Judge others, Judgment of him.

I have also spoken with A Lot of People that Talk about Aliens, One of them in Particular think that the Beautiful Aliens will come and Save the World from a World War, a False Existence, my Assessment of this is that Her extremly strong Desires of being Accepted by others the Beautiful person that she is, is Sheltering her in her Own Mind and she is so Innocent.

I can't do Anything else than to try and get her to See that others Truth's isn't her Truth, and She needs to see her beauty by herself. There are so many People set into Institutions because others are Ignorant. It's time for Everyone to See the Differences in Others as Stages of Self Rejections.

Our Mind in Happiness is Capable of Wonders out of this World.

It's Time to Clear the Corruptions of everyone's 'souls'. The soul Is your Righteousness. It has always been Your Innocence and it is Corrupted by your Judgment of others.

There are So many people that are Enlightened by this Truth, and they have been trying to Tell people for a Very Very Long time now. That Is why Much of the Corruption is Clearing out, But People are Judging many Falsly without Thinking about How it Corrupts their Own Righteousness of themselves.

All people that have Ever had Anything Important to Tell Others has Known this and Taken it in as A Fact. The Morals of People has lost it's ground for some reason, and it is now Once Again picking up the pace, where others Judge on their accordance, not thinking of the Consequences of their Actions. Not Forgiving, Becoming what they try To get Rid of.

There Can Not Be Good Without Evil, No Evil, No Good. This is the Importance in Understanding Forgivness and Innocence In others Choices, because they where made by Their Morals and Their Values. You should See the Innocence in the Acceptance of that Truth!
And only then Will you Become a Truth of Righteousness. That Is what It means to Be a God.
Respecting others by understanding their Struggles.

Suicide is the Sin of the One That Does Not Think.

Don't ever Believe that I would Do It freely, because I know the Consequences of that Action. I don't see that Action as an Act of a Coward, I see it as the Innocent proclaming Freedom, being Heartbroken because of others Bad Judgement and Not understanding the 'Evils' of Others. Being Righteous by Heart, does not Always Incline Strength in Will.

You need to Change yourself, before you can make better Choices. Because A Clear Mind and Emotional Heart, Is only built By understanding yourself, and that There is a Balance in Nature. It is Called Karma, or Tooth for a Tooth, Golden Rule etc. It's Always incline the Same, and that Is first understood when you Start Judging yourself, Because Only God can Judge!

If you Do not Respect yourself and Your Choices, then you will Not Respect others Either. The War Within are those of Desires and Those of Pride. You have to Balance them Out and Make your World Flat, because, you can't have the one over the other. You must Chose.

Righteousness, Will always win. Because Truth is the only thing that Conquers everything. That is what Love is. Respecting others Truth's. If you feel Attacked by them. Then See to your Own Truth's. If they are right or if they are Wrong. Life is a balance between Morals, What is Right and What Is Wrong. There is Only One Law to Follow if you aren't to become Corrupted. 


The Flood of Noah, the Genisis Flood, has for me gotten A whole New light to it. It was when people took into Accordance What the Truth Had to Say, It was then that The flood of Tears Came. People Saw their Faults and they Cried. This is Why the Same story is Told over and over Where ever you Go In the World. Because There has been Many Truly Enlightened Innocent People In our History of Mankind. It is Really a Beautiful story. The Vedas should Be reanalysed with new Eyes. Because We have Had the Same history Recapping over and over.

Food Choices Documentry.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.

Vegan 2017 Documentry.

101 Reasons to Go Vegan - Presentation.

Vegan is the Only Answer.

What You Eat Matters.

Gary YourOfSky (Righteous Angel, A Speaker of Truth.)



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The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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