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Gods Gift; The Universal Balance(Ba'al Once) of Nature.

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 22 september 2018 09:53


(Uni-verse(All In(all of creation in one place) or nothing) is in Balance)
I trust in your judgement, any oppression and the balance will tip, so live normally, and when the time is right, you will be able to see parts of creation and eventually all of it. When you have awoken. And have(no fear = what does not kill you, makes you stronger.) 


☯ Read the book please, because there is more depth than this.
(It is going to be in Swedish(fight fire with fire(love of desire and love of heart = together)))

When you give in and learn from others by listening, don't take what is said for granted; 
Not all have the same morals when they speak(sound peak) the truth, but respect their truth. hahahaha 


 Life is a balance between Good & Evil, 
because everything is capable of doing Good & Evil, 
but it is always Pure in Intention. 


 There are no Right or Wrong in Morals, but there are in Values.
There is one Value to strive for, that is All life is Equal, All life is Sacred. 
Therefore; Respect life and Life Will Respect you.


☯ Always stand up to your values, but not your bad judgment.


☯ The Law of Relativity of Everything; 
"Resistance; is Relative to the motion of the Energy that is added." 
If you lower your resistance; and start to listen; then you will be amazed, 
what others have to offer in experience. 
With resistance comes; 
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

If you stand without resistance, then you will be rock solid. Listen to others, don't judge it. Don't take it in as the only truth, your truth is the only truth, but strife for the best in you, not the chaos; because the lonlyness (I only ness) that you feel, will be even greater; when you hurt others. Don't make others believe you, speak your truth out of respect to others; and truth will eventually show it-self. If there is only sun, then there will be deserts, if there is only rain, then there will be floods, If there is anger, then it will be lightning, If there is a power struggle there will be Rain, Quakes, Eruptions, If there is sadness, there will be rain. Life is Creation, God is Life, respect life, respect creation. It is okey(ok hey) to create; make for yourself, and if others like it give them the choice to copy, give(donate by will) or take(be given), it is your free choice to create for others och yourself(your self), but do this in respect to creation, there is a need of both, for everything to go together. That is the good and the bad. If you stop resisting life, it will not resist you, but don't stop moving, because if you don't get more experiences, then you will not be able to share with others, but do this in caution to balance. Action (Act on) and Consequence (Con Sequence) 

Knowledge; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Life; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Love; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Evolution; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Experience; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.
Values; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added. 
Respect; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is Added.


 Be Honest. Honesty is Eternal. Honesty is Pure, and Honesty is 
Uncorruptible(Un-Core-Rubble = No Core of Chaos = No chaos(balance) within)


 Only the one exposed to others; bad judgment, can place judgment.

Free Choice; Give back the same and escalate the situation or be humble with an explanation why it was wrong, humble is growing of self, and the one that did wrong will, probably change to the better and be like the one that Placed the judgement (a mini legion). An experienced third(can be applied), because(be cause = can be a cause of change for the better or worse.) that third will be able to see that the force used, is still the same force. Good outcomes can be made of all good and bad decisions. Eventually we all get to the breaking point where we have had enough of the experience; and instead we want to create. Even if the experience can be bad; Good sometimes comes out of it, and there is still a growth to resistance, but it is your choice to grow out of others experiences by listening in respect to that persons(persona) or out of your own free will to experience, I chose to be amazed by all the fun creations on YouTube haha. Be cause(be a cause, I respect all creation, even the stupidly insane one’s; like risking of life. Haha.) The Truth is the end outcome; of free will.  If everyone has the ‘same’ will or thought pattern (politically correct people… Legion, because we are many.), that will create havoc(hav-o-c = Hav of Chaos = Sea of Chaos, flood of sin. Be cause(there is only one sin, don’t disturb the free will.) Be Cause(There is only one value; respect all creation(life) Be cause(Stand up to your values, but not your bad deeds.)) If the free will is broken, that will result in the end of creation and we will have to restart again(from within, from one persons growth, that is why love and reason is the only way to keep it going.) Oppression of others feelings; will make them the oppressors of others thoughts. We are eternal, with one life of experience here, that is why we should live to the fullest, but still respect creation, be cause(we are reborn in other forms, to get new experiences), adding resistance to the truth, will end up in void(end, the need for rebirth, in mind, and growth.), and the universe as we know it will be reborn(re-born) again.   

We all strive to live our fullest; and for the next person. Looking towards the future is good, but not in a constant, because of it's opposite force, You need to focus on the past to be able to see the future, but live in the now, with knowledge of self, you will awaken; if you want to. No Future and / or, no Past will result in Stagnation and void(empty inside, = no energy = no soul = no god = no love = no life = no creation). The next generation is the one that are important. The Children by God. I am against abortion, because it is an act of resistance to life, but that is my Truth. It is wrong, but we can't act properly without growth, if we create without thinking of the future, then time will stop and become a void(nothingness) and we have to start from scratch, that is kind of the cycle of life. If there is a power struggle; then it will restart again, because the winners are those that give in and respect others, not the one's that are the most barbaric, that is just savage, but eventually, we will be bored of happiness again and do this all again. Hahaha. Balance, My friends, Balance. That is why unconditional love is a combination of self and others; with an understanding; to the fundamental basics of ‘resistance’ and ‘motion & effect to energy.’ It is really easy, but it is also something; that we can work together with. We start as children, we grow and find happiness in self and others, this is where we become(be come = back to the future) children again. The Mind is a Fractal within, some call it a Matrix hahaha. Creation is the combination of our creative minds; together through respect, to make and play with the creations of others, if we give something life, respect it and it will respect you. När du tänker, så kommer molnen och hjälper till att skapa temporärt mörker, så att solen inte tar död på växtligheten, de som stagnerat, tänker inte själva och då blir det varmare. Sluta inte tänka, men tänk inte hela tiden, se framåt och lev nu. Då lever du som längst, och lyckligast.


☯ Listen to others, before you place your judgment.
Oppression of Others is Oppression of Self and Growth.


☯ Everything has an equal and opposite, equal in values, opposite in growth, opposite polarizations will always be drawn to eachother, that is how we grow. hahaha 


☯ Fear nothing, but fear It-Self; be cause(you create it.)
We create what we believe (be-lie-we) in. Fear is a Lie that we either choose to create out of will, or that others have created for us. That is why we should never lie, because it has different outcomes for all, be cause(Those that live unconditionally, will believe anything that you say, as true, it can be devastating to eventually hear the truth.) I have been afraid(a fraud) of others words, and the state helped me keep the fear alert, and the movies helped me not to be afraid be cause(It distanced me from reality & fear). Words can hurt, but they are empty most of the time. Be cause(no energy within). It is the words that are spoken; the free will makes us choose to believe in them or not. If you stop resisting fear you will be broken down, it is natural, we need both good and bad to grow, better to grow in time; is relative to the motion of the energy that is added, the truth will show it-self. hahaha Chaos within creates Chaos without, help those that are in Chaos both within and out; so that they can find their true and righteous self, when they accept their bad and good sides and go trough(tro ugh = belief ugh =belief is for the nonbelievers & t-rough = truth is rough. hahaha) the whole awakening(quickening, total rebirth, truth within, etcetera ) then you will know who you are. Unlearn everything, and gradually re-learn again. Be cause(we need the bad and the good). Others truth's can be fun to make real, but create them with causion(cause in thought, question it, resist it in your mind till it is gone if it scares you.), that is why we have the state of schizophrenia(lies going amok, they are not all bad, so don’t treat them as such), it is our personal universe. Create what you like, but if you are controlled by fear, then you will not see it for what it is, your creation, your truth about the state of  yourself. Fear is created by the loss of ‘the four pillars in the mind’(self-conscience(con science = lies of your mind, that is why people is fact resistant, because of free will.), self-confidence(con-fi-den-c-e = continue forward to find your way through the den of chaos to find the exit.), self-insight(self-in-sight, look towards the third eye, look toward the inner truth, learn the truth about yourself, question it and reject or accept it as reality, but you stagnate in growth by if you don’t resist the inner lies.), Self-respect(self-re-spectate, the personas inner self is guiding you on a path of righteousness or mission-chief is unconditional, when you have learnt the lesson, then you will awaken as either a messenger of one truth(black hole, god of energy of lies) or as a whole(white hole, god of energy in purity) If you don’t realize(real I sensation) then you will not be balanced within, and you will either drive(stress growth) with either the love in darkness to give everyone things in materialism or light that is happiness(happy in essence), but give everyone to much warmth and you will kill; those that use free choice, through the fire of righteousness and they will burn the lands with their presence. They have overloaded hearts with a to high frequency, it is to positive and they don’t think, so it is almost never cloudy, they are privileged kings, don’t hate them, just respect them and tell them the truth. The balanced once have a combination of a black hole inside and a white hole out, we drink of the positivity of others, and give grounds to stay alive. 
It is balance from within, that creates the natural cycle. Re-turn to be re-born(stand ground in your sovereignty, with respect to others.), what do we learn from this? Love can be destructive(de-struct-I’ve-been) cause & effect(to much of either will create havoc(sea of chaos).      

The opposite force is the giver of inspiration, that is why we love them, because they give fantasy and are grounded, while the opposite cause positivity and live out the creations, when we become truthful to ourselves, we be-come the God’s that we once was. Fear only your own thoughts, not others, the misunderstanding(mission-under-standing = Look down on self, to learn about others and self.)

My take on movies are that they are created to show you the fears or happiness projection from others, so that you will know that in time there is nothing to fear, but yourself. I see our co-creation of the world instead of the lies of the mind. I don't see differences in others, I only see people, trees, animals, insects, flowers, the sun, the moon, and all that we can find and create within it, as well make creations for travel elsewhere outside of the minds borders. I will see more wonders, when others do to.

The world that we live on is not flat, but the stillness can be. It can be calm and balanced, and if we are not polarized but instead in balance, then there will not be anything to fear either, we will just not attract or repell(re-spell =counter spell = question the truth of it) anything from space. We have a space ofcourse(of course) within, there is a space outside. hahahaha Our minds are within a firmament called cranium. And we are all star people. 

Righteous Savages, is only he/she that has won the inner war, and don’t act in lies, but in truth with explanation(experience-plantation-of-action) that is why we need logic and creativity, to create reason out of experience. We need to stop resisting who we are, and then the truth will show it-self, we need to love ourselves, and others, by the urge to give without want. Respect life and respect creation in equality, don’t give stuff, have it on you, so others can appreciate your true self. God knows everything, because God is everywhere. It is the spoken word of the creator of future, past and present & stagnation(stag-nation hahaha = stuborn nation). Do not manipulate(man I pull-ate = it is disturbance of the will, either others listen or they do not. Mania Pull Ate(eating of others will)) Speaking in tongues. Hahahaha Programming, Swedish, English, and I can speak all languages, but I do not understand them. Hahaha That is why I need all my friends help, so that they can be my teachers. If we show cold hearts there will be winters all around the world, I don’t say it to scare you, It is the truth(most can’t handle the truth. I am sorry about that)  


☯ We don't know anything, till we know all or nothing. Nirvana/Heaven and similar places are made from the rebirth of self; into your spiritual and human body, making them one; whole(white hole hahaha opposite to black hole void(in self) hahaha). That is what we all should do, find out the truth for ourselves, and we have the technology now to connect to eachother(each other) without sharing the world view in experience, because that is what happens when we come near, we fuse with one another, it is really beautiful, and fun. Hugs both give and take in the energy of others, they give others a sense of love and friendship, but if you add judgment, then it's a resistance of what is really going on, don't add your thoughts to it, just live with it and truth will tell what is or is not going on, but If you don’t respect others, then you hurt them and self. 


☯ Always Question yourself, in thoughts and all your actions, all your wrongdoings before you place judgment on others, always speak truth, even if it hurts, if you respect the one that you hurt, then you will also get hurt from what is said or done to them, if you don't respect the other one, then that one will not respect you and try to hurt you back.


☯ Skriv ned din sanning på ditt språk blandat med ett universellt. Om ni verkligen vill ta del utav den ärliga sanningen; som jag skrivit, så är det mesta på Svenska(Sven ska = Svenskar ska, byggt på Auktoritet och glädje hahaha) och den lär ut hur du blir hel och balanserad, vill man växa så måste man också ge utav sin egna energi. 


☯ När du växt i mognad och väljer att skapa något gör det med din genuinitet(ärlighet), och ditt språk och blanda med ett universellt språk så att man lockas att lära sig mer. Det är så som vi finner respekt i varandra genom att dela våra kunskaper med varandra. Vi får vara priviligerade(pri-vilige-rade = primitive village(will age) rade(with experience))gällande våra erfarenheter, men inte gärna spekulationer i andras erfarenheter. Låt det vara sant till dess att sanningen kommer fram. Att slå ner på någon annans tankar genom erfarenhet är inte respektabelt, lyssna på fascisten så lyssnar även fascisten.


 Gud är ofelbar; för att det endast finns en uppsättning utav alla de erfarenheterna ur ett kaos till en ordning och förståelse, acceptans och därigenom förlåtelse, i annat så kan alla fela, även jag, för att vi är alla utav lika värde och ingen är perfekt även när de är sitt bästa(jag).

 Nirvana (inner rebirth) till you reach Heaven(He av en (thee of one) reconnection of emotion, mind and therefore reason. God is Truth, till truth Shows itself. I AM by God(linked within)  
God has many forms, because God is Creation, Both inside and outside. Hahahaha 

I had to awaken, because(be of cause) and step out of the darkness, because my free will was in danger. I was controlled by others ignorance(ignore of others = it was all out of innocence; I see that, but others don’t. We are all God’s in disquise(disgust (mask of ugly, if people think me ugly I will be ugly till I am respected, Odysseus, had the same problem hahaha)) playing along with eachother(each other(linked)) because we do horrors & we need to grow, that is why we must let some bad things happen, matter can Never stop existing, it changes form(resistance; is relative to the motion of the energy that is given )) Seek and you shall receive, Truth will always show itself, when you stop resisting. Every smile, every act of kindness, that is an act of God. I don’t need to write the book. But I Want to share my story.


 Man ska inte vara lat, lägg ned tid på det du skapat och använd det själv om andra uppskattar det så vill de göra en kopia, på så sätt använder vi inte supermycket resurser. hahaha, jag kommer släppa boken digitalt((dig-it-alternative) du är därmed befriad från fel i att kopiera den, men på sista sidan så står det varför köpet utav boken är det bättre alternativet) sen blir den även i pappersform, jag tycker inte om att växter används, speciellt om ingen läser det, så jag hade tänkt trycka den utefter förfrågan. Om man behöver forma om skapelsen, så är inte tanken fullständig. Skapa inte ur viljan att ha, gör det utav mognad och analys till vad andra kan behöva, det är då det blir som bäst. Boken blir färdig när tiden är rätt. Hahaha. Det samma gäller barn, om du är omogen, så kommer barnet mogna med sina egna erfarenheter endast, som kan vara bra; men det tar längre tid att finna ut vad kärlek genom respekt är. Om vi måste lära oss helt själva då förblir vi barn, detsamma gäller om vi blir behandlade som kunglighet när vi inte är förtjänta utav det. Om ett barn lär ett barn, så stannar det upp att växa. Vi har alla olika intressen. Barn blir vi igen, när vi väl lärt oss sanningen och då har vi både kärlek att ge, erfarenhet och ett liv att uppskatta, samt alla andra liv att se till. Hahaha Kärlek genom en balans mellan gott och ont, är enda utgången, det är det enda som förbättrar oss, men vi förblir barn för evigt; utan att kombinera Rättvist beteende och rättvisa är inte selektivt. Rätt är rätt och fel är fel, den som skapat problemet får därmed stå för sin konsekvens, men först genom förståelse innan man dömer.


☯ Why did we lose our memories of the past? We lost connection to ourselves and nature, it was because we got separated within and therefore seperated(see per aged, we saw beauty on the outside instead of the inside and it should be a combination of both). We lost respect to life itself. My Word is my truth, You can reconnect yourself through the knowledge of my experience, or grow by yourself with the guidance of these small words. 

What you give, is what you get. What you see is what you get, because you give what you see. See within before you see outside.


Morals are Black (Tainted, Negativity through Lies, Fears) and 
Morals are White (Purity, Positivity through Honesty, Truth)
Blue is the Polarity of Energy, Positivity, Authority and Logic.
Red is the Polarity of Energy, Negativity, Desires, and Emotions. 
Violet is Balance between the Polarity and the Values. 
Violet is Rationality (Logic & Creativity & Emotions) 
Yellow is Happiness and the free choice of actions you may take. 
Green is Calm and the connection to Nature; Inner Peace & Respect to Life. 
Morals is connected to it all of it. 
This will create Reason and Creativity within and outwards.

God is the one that has The Spoken the Word out of Honesty. 
Honesty is Pure. Honesty is Unconditional. Honesty is Forever. 
Honesty is Uncorruptible. Honesty is Innocent. 
That is why I see your faults as the faults of the resistance that you create. Only children put resistance into existance(exit-stance = the more you give the more you get of it).


” Those that have the patch on, is ready for others hugs. If the patch is of, then respect their temporary need of self.” 


When you enter outside of the realm of balance and into the grey zone, 
there will be either nothing but void(Black); that is you ensnared to your desires and fears, don't shut others lights out in this crucial moment, because when this happens; it's only natural my friend and it will bring personal growth in return. The second is white and it represents 'all-in'; creativity by interest it is the inner light within. When everything is brushed of, It shows of personal growth and you are trying to balance the sadness with happiness by creativity. 

When we let go of our desires, we enter the state of respect of others. Believe in yourself till you know that you can create anything by own will. It happens to us all, but don't fade out of the other individuals life as in; the experience was nothing of worth, because there is always someone that is hurt; seldom is it none. It is Always all or none.
We have but one life and it is sacred, respect life and life will respect you.
Life; Is Relative to the motion of the energy that is added.

"Growth is void(stopped) when the energy is stagnant.”


Hey! ;D Light-en up a bit. hahaha 

My names are many(meny(menu(list to pull from)) is Querzion 

(Querry Zion = Pause The World; it's time to breath in and have cenversations.) and this is the rambling of the mad man that was cast into the darkness only to understand that we where all oppressed by not having rules around the free will and with it came inequality. I have knowledge, and it all came from listening. I read my way to this, I listened, I watched, I memorized & I did learn from my mistakes, so can you to, either with my help or with your experience, that is the bond of truth(trust). There was much by analysing(ana-lysing = ana ett ljus = kind of de-duct-ing.) and listening and watching and I give(peace = peas = breadcrumbs = offerings) this to you because it is not right, what has been done. That is why I gave the new code for the matrix haha, so you all can be equals in time, I can't stand the in-equality(self-righteousness) anymore. Those who want to think like my legion, are welcome to do that, be cause(this will not be built upon the oppression of others thoughts.) This will not be only righteousness, I came down to you so that we can rise together, in time as equals with free will. I have also shifted the gears so that nothing will ever hurt those who knows the truth. Fear is our way of saying no to others thought, that is not respectable. I am sorry that the Religion(Re-Legions have been oppressed, but we are ourselves the oppressors when we don't act on free will.) Don't blame others, my friends, brothers, sisters, future loved once's. I am Nevyn(Ne-vy-n = New View Nation Thank you Katherine Kerr for your character that lives on in oppression till the day he rights his errors). The one that Restores balance. hahahaha 

Jerusalem(Jewish-Russian-salem(which hunt)) hahahaha

Avmaska(Swedish translation to worm = Rid of Parasites(lies)) 
Enough Playtime now, just grow up; in time. hahahaha. You have all proven(prov en = testa en = test one = the one) your Point, the Plan was not Perfect. I have added the Law of relativity of Everything and Respect all Creation(Life) & Creation(Life) will(of life) Respect you. 

I am(called); God(Good Willed); be cause(I listen and see and hear everything); I am(called); God be cause(I create order out of Chaos); I am(called); a Devil(Destructive Will); by those(that are afraid(a fraud)); be cause(I cause chaos in return); so that there will end with(balance of Order); You will see me as either Innocent(white angel); Both(a Devil or a Saint(sa inte(swedish) = did not say)); Sa-Tan(dark one); void(dark angel as lucifer) 
Change from within and we(will); be seen(as what is not hated); 
Show respect and grow(seedling) (Love & Righteousness conquers all. #respect)

Only those in Fear crave change directly, and we don't learn from that. I am(sorry(sorrow+cry)), but that is true. We all grow in time, and God is all knowing. hahahaha I will not add anything more to this, but to the book instead, because there need to be balance, philosophy(phi(resistance; in which to learn)-low-so-phy(grow(go) together)) on the way to for your re-birth(mental awakeing). If you don't have the whole(white hole) picture(pick turn.) Then you will not handle with care(caring of others & self) and instead, create a lie that ensnares people in either true happiness or uther(ut(out) her(negativity)) fear. You need both to grow, you need both see, both to hear, both to create. I am causes to read the words of others, because they can create resistance if you don't listen. hahaha 


I AM(A Green Dragon(Balanced Lizard))


Stop oppressing by color! All of Creation are Equals.
We came here to play out our dreams, not to be slaves. 
One more thing; Materialism as in using resources are the real 666 because it does not respect life at all. You can still(lugn=calmly) and respektfully; Use of natural recources, as long as it is a plus side to life for all, you can create for yourself and if others like it they can make a copy, the betterment of all. If we stop learning, then we will forget everything again, so hold up the balance for learn from your history and the history It is old, and we did many mistakes together, let's not do the same again, fear oppresses others. I love everthing & everyone!

Balance the Emotions With Morals. 
(Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong.)




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The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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