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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Fredag 3 maj 18:11

The bird is the word. 


I have partly or all to often sat down to think of the implications that our minds put other in every day. A couple of words from me could be interpeted by one, as one thing, a second, a second thing, a third by their point of view, but all to seldom in which I actually ment by them. I encounter this problem very often actually. You write something and from one persons view, just one word could have a whole other association pattern to them and through that the whole text will have a new meaning, and by that I either have a new friend, or enemy that I will have to discuss their perception with and rarely is it that the outsider actually takes their time to listen with open ears, God forbid that they actually get a new viewpoint of a problem or how we see life etc.


From time to time, I do excell to be very harsh with my attitude, not from my perception, but from the others perception of the whole incident and usually when I talk, I end up sparking a whole lot of attention towards me, it's electric. I speak with passion, and the energy that I give out is so rare, that it's instead understood as something totally different, and it changes me and how the zenversation goes to tune. Totally. 


I have tried to teach others that how I express myself is not my problem, because what is my problem is how you respond, and I could never controll how you associate with what is said. Usually we choose our battles carefully, by determening the outcome on beforehand, so that we don't jump in and become a fool. I don't, I just utter the words that comes to mind, with no thought of the CON-sequence hereafter. Because I know that I can't control how You react to the words used. I am me, I am with Truth. 

Let's take the equal value, I usually stand alone in my thoughtpatterns because I think that A snail, a leaf etc. has the same value as a human, since it's life, it's from the same energy so there is no viewable difference in that, only in the forms that they have taken, and that should still be respected. Same goes for the thoughts about humans, there aren't really any big difference between humans, more than the actions they have taken based on the very little information that they have had by that time. 

There are philosophers in our time that have renound names, and since mine is none of them, what I say usually isn't as valuable as those with known names. Why is that? Everyone have their experiences of life, they have all suffered, so from my point of view they are all equaly as interesting when it comes to the truth of life that they have endured. We live in a world where we are constantly conditioned into believing that we NEED certain skills in order to do certain stuff, well in some cases I will have to agree. Mostly because I say that the source of greatness in an area is not the amount of information you carry with you, but instead how passionate your interests are in that work, because its is your hobby & your life at once. The very 'best' of us are actually as ordinary as your neighbour next door. Think about it. 

Specialists aren't flawless, they are humans that have been passionate in one area or more and have read up on that their whole lives, If you as a horselover ended up knowing everything there is to know about a horse, and you don't have a certificate, then you are of no value to the those that work within that area of expertise, but If you are compared with a scholar, usually you know a bit less or twice as much, because it was a passionate interest, but at the same time you could be a hopeless case in other things like cars, computers, flowers etc. and would have to take help from others. This is how everyone is, even the specialists of the world, the experts, because? They are human. 

I have a diagnose, or rather a couple more, and by the years end I will probably have one or two more again, because of... Specialists. Yeah, because a certificate makes you the knower of everything, just because you can see some patterns. I see really large patterns, and I see them everywhere on a macro scale. This could be because I am said to have aspergers syndrome or it could be because it's one of my interests. I tend to look for answers where others think they are done, and I combine it with my knowledge and experience and my analytic behavior and I have ended up seeing a pattern, that Is so clear to me that others instead call me a fool. Well, statistically, most people aren't appriciated or taken seriously before death. So I will have to let it be till my last days on earth. 

Well, back to the core subject! How we Perceive others and judge them by one frase and stick to that. As if humans never do anything wrong, but I think like this instead. You aren't judging me, you are judging what you see and that image is your own reflection and that is a bit sad, because you end up loosing more that way, since you didin't give yourself a chance to encounter this new perception, you just dismissed it, because you didn't like it. So did you dismiss me, I don't feel deprived, I couldn't possibly have lost anything that wouldn't even listen to me. So did you dismiss yourself, possibly a new experience, but that was your choice. I think that this is a very interesting subject, as of now anyway. Tomorrow, I will probably think of something new to write about. Thanks for reading. 



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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Fredag 3 maj 15:46

Missförståndet som skapar Rädsla.   Alla är väl religiösa / troende på ett eller annat sätt, de som inte tror på sig själva vänder sig till en förklaring genom vetenskap, insikt, vänner eller religion, de som inte förstår sig på vetenskap vänd...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Söndag 24 mars 19:47

  I AM Who am I? Really? I haven't really figured out that part yet, I only know that I mirror other peoples inner wisdom and give it back to those in need, trying to cure the blind, but I have no Idea if I AM the right person for the situational...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Tisdag 29 jan 10:49

MINA BESVÄR? Suttit och läst om en massa olika delar utav schizoaffektering, bipolaritet, affektering, schizofreni, psykos och annat, då jag kan.... ha haft förstärkta känslor.. ett 'litet' tag nu, eller har, fick en mindre 'hypomani' nu på morg...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 5 november 2018 16:45

  VAD ÄR DU EGENTLIGEN FÖR EN INDIVID?   Det allra viktigaste och värdefullaste vi har att ge andra; är? Det är också ett utav de största och enda brotten som folk egentligen begår. Det finns inga andra brott. Allt annat är en illusion. Vi s...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 29 september 2018 19:29

  DIVIDE AND CONQUER; SO LET'S DO THE OPPOSITE. Fear has divided us, SIN(SADNESS IN-SIDE) has divided us, time to balance that, but if you give in there will not be enough movment to hold all together., be separate, and stay as one in mind. Th...


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