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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Tisdag 18 sept 03:29



Hahahahahaha. Our Equality is what is needed. hahaha. Our respekt to all is what is needed. I awoke in 2016, I have walked with and against others. I am building up myself with my own strength as should you, and I will eventually give out the universal balance of nature. The one that God always Had in mind. I am Slisk, I am no-one, I am Mats(Gods Gift) I am part of the word, I am the Word. The Word that is spoken is Honesty and I am Honesty with a Truth that gives all answers. hahahaha God always has the last laugh hahahahaha I am but an angel of honesty. hahahaha. Nirvana Is What is given, the truth and everything with it, when the new history is written. hahahaha Love is the answer but in reason and respect to life. From chaos comes order, and in order comes respect. Only they who question their own truth will understand that. The mind is the creator and the mind is the world of astounding greatness it is the creators fractal and the free thinking; of all. We already live in a good outcome, we all just have to grow, and we will all see the truth, past the polarities and notice the equality and with that comes the true balance and the truth will reveal itself. No more hiding of the mind. hahahaha.


Resistance; is Relative to the Motion of the Energy that is added.
Give resistance and the most brutal will win, give in; and respect will take over.
Change from within.
Stand up to your values!
But not your bad deeds, change to the better or worse out of free will.

The deeper knowledge will be released in time. In Swedish. hahhaha
Time; is Relative to the motion of the Energy that is added. HAHAHAHA!

Knowledge; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is added.




I am sorry for writing it in Swedish is really a diversive and loving language, as all languages are, that is why we need to be diversive so that we have more to learn from eachother. It was easier for me to express myself in my native tung and I think of all, I have always done that so the most important parts are in English. Many are indoctrinated with English, so that seems to be one of the natural choices to still have, because we need good and bad. The parts in English is Selectivly added so that you will want to know more. understand more. feel more. value more. respect more. There is so much love to all of you within me, that I am crying while writing! I hope to have it done by christmas this year. What I set my mind on, Will be done. All-In or void().  


Av Slisk Lindqvist - Söndag 26 aug 17:17


Try it out before you say no.

Ignorance has never gotten us anywhere. Ignorant behavior is being arrogant and acting in pride of one selves ego. Fact resisting is being stupid. Both are equal to each other. In one way or another.


Bipolar Disorder Type I
is not a sickness!  

It is the humans normal state of mind if you have low values of others, but rightious morals and the mind gets seperated into duality where it tends to have discussions about this and lash out on either the person with the thoughts, the person with this state tend to hear their own thoughts about others pointed in the direction of themselves or others, in which results in a low-selfesteem and self-confidence and ends in depressive episodes.  SSRI's tend to instead reverse this, behavior in anyone, BPD people get into a manic state instead, where they act out on all the wrong doings of others immoral behavior. 

Since we live in a society with highly narcissistic people, then we have a problem with communication and understanding, most narcissistic people are either logic or emotional, but bipolar, autistic, schizofrenic people are actually using both logic and creativity and often enough end up having an even more active brain than other people. Till the serotonin in their bodies depletes and they get into a depressive state again. Serotonin also deplets faster in the vecinity of people that tends to have a more negative view of life, these people then need to think a lot more, but serotonin is not the only thing that is depleeted in this state, it's also dopamines and they go back into depressions, it's an endless cycle of god and bad behavior. The fight of who is the strongest and best of the two mind expressions. 

Quick thinking of others in the realm of not understanding!

I Was told that I was in the Cluster B collumn, by someone random that felt it was appropriate to place me in a category, because I offended his descions of being judgmental of others in his own family, calling others something that is most possibly the state of his own mind. We all have to grow mentally, and it's a harsh process for some to go through, especially when it has to do with your own actions in other peoples suffering. 

Here is the most common Personality Disorders.

For some reason different thinking and behavior is not acceptable in the Socialistic's views of life. It's the socialists that tend to categorize others in different colors, mindsets etc, just because they can't understand them. So the logic centered narcissists make new definitions of what a behavior is or is not, while the emotional people don't think while they divide others for the sense of .... Uhmm... Equality? Dividing people into races, colors, behaviors etc. It's absurd. We are all diversive in our behaviors, not a block of lego to use to build up a 1984 society of brainless people. The zombies are here people, they are the one's that scream for brains because they have no knowledge of how to use their own. Sorry, but true. 


Not Specified:

We can start here first. This is the realm of the Narcissist. They care about themselves or not of others, they blame everyone else for how they feel and if they stop to care of the importance of life over all and even lose their interest in their own morals, then they will do what ever, without any what so ever boundries. These people are not lost causes, they are depleted in the dopamines and other aminoacids and substances that the body create in which to express themselves. Some of the most important substances are created in the intestine or the appendicitis and pancreas. When you have little to none value for other life forms then you tend to kill them of without remorse. This is why I am a Vegan, which is the normal standard that we should all live by because of the equal values of others. I am having the thought that some idiot in the future will see this and make a quick fix, that is immoral and wrong! We all have our own learning curve! Religion teaches you how to live, get high morals and values. The reflection of what you read is the person that you are at the moment, and everyone should strive for somewhat perfection of that image. All the Gods that have been written about once was real humans that could understand others and tell right from wrong and they acted strict and with rightious behavior. As every other one can do if they first see that they create the emotions they feel throug the reflections in others. Till we understand this, we will keep on hurting eachothers. 

Cluster C:

Anxiety, Panic attacks etc. Why the heck am I so sure about this? Well, there is this saying that you should only talk out of experience. I have tons of experience. That is what you get from being self-centered  for 30 years and then have an awakening in which I came to the conclusion In my involvement, in all that I have gone through and my involvement in other peoples lives and suffering on my expense.

The chain of memories, the judgement of God. It's a really interesting concept that is spread throughout the whole world within all of the religions. Either you look up to and act like others(The slave) or you look up to yourself and act by your own non-existant morals(Narcissist) or you see yourself as an equal to all life and act acordingly to the preservation of everyones integrity(God). God is a concept of the rightious and divine indipendent individual in action and thought, where the pure innocence is the end goal, but this is only for those that understand what is written in the old texts. Everyone's goal is to learn how to love again, and till that day comes, you will be suffering the pain that you inflict on others. When you are rightious and just, you act out on the reflection of others, but you never break the moral values, that is what the narcissist does, mostly because that person is half-way into his or her transformation, believing that they can do anything without consequences. Anarchy is not the answer. This is why rapes, violence and murders happen etc.  

Anyway, back to the Cluster C, (hold in mind that the narcissist is going to be part of All of the clusters till the Judgement of God. I will get there eventually.) Because of the Deep depression and closed of emotional state, the person which sees itself as a victim, gets easily attached to the happiness that others spread, and relations to other people can go to the extant of an obsessive behavior, this is because they value themselves above others, so what they see is an object for their amusement and is not to be played with by others. This is why I don't want a relationship, because it's an ownership, we should all be free to act on our own as long as the values of the Gods are not broken. Low values is the feeding grounds for bad behavior and the objectification & sexism of others. A Righious person is not within this realm and tend to give of a total lack of sexual desires, which is boxed in as a-sexual behavior. Oh well. People acting out on others feelings does not mean it's a consent from the one that initiated, but if you judge others without judging yourself first then you are nothing else but a narcissist driven by ego. 

Cluster B:

You keep 'feeling other people's feelings' and act out on them, blaming others from within, you are in the phase of the awakening that for you makes no sense at all, so you ask for help (I never did, if I had, I would had been lobotomized by synthetic drugs. Drugs should not be a part of us at all after we are awoken, before that it's up to your judgment and not mine. Because it helps the awakening process. Cannabis is something that I strongly stand behind as medication and I advocate for it to become legal. Mostly because it is a plant that was created by the former Gods of the world through genetic experiments. We are not the only Intelligent civilization that has existed, Atlantis and Rome where two of the earlier one's ruled by Gods, when the Gods died, the morals of the people went down drastically. Having someone that governs you is not the solution to any problems. If you understand Swedish, then please read the earlier blog posts about the Matriarchal Socialistic society that we are part of and also how it degrades our free-thinking from a young age, depending on the values of the parents I have to add.)

When you do ask for help, you are told this and that from a slaves viewpoint, that probably genuinly wants to help you, but only have as much capability as to the level of knowledge, that others have indoctrinated into the person. Or the person(Slavemind) has only read the texts written by narcissists. Narcissists write unimportant things just for the likes of others, and they try to become the idol of others, they usually release parts of their thoughts to gain accardance with others and fame of some sort. I don't condone these people, because they act out of their own or best interest. As do I, but I don't want to be anyone special! (Every lifeform is equal to the next.) I am Nevyn, meaning 'no one', but I am called Slisk and like the prophet Mohammed, asked himself to not be depicted by others, I ask you all not to Idolize me, because that is what the not depicting means and Muhammed knew that there would be more profets(Messengers of Truth) of peace in the future. If you idolize someone, then you will not be able to make room for your integrity. And you all need to rebuild your pillars that hold up the world. Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self-insight, Self-respect. You can gain this through others, but that is the half-assed way of life, where you instead act as a child that gets smudged by your mother or father.

Take up a religion, anyone that you see fit, and with your new insight from the point of my view and values. Try to travel closer towards the unconditional God that you are supposed to be. Take up some physical practices of any kind, sports, training, yoga, martial arts etc. They help you to train the virtious of the four pillars and the disciplin that you need, in need, of becoming a Self-less and Self-sufficient in all, thinking, choices etc. If anyone are interested in talking about the spiritual growth, and make this as a recording of my interpretation, for others to take part in, then just contact me. 

Cluster A:

Okey! Now we come to the really fun stuff, Paranoia,(Truth Seekers been there, and if you can understand Swedish then Read about my View of the Matriarchy, Socialism.) This is based in fears, and believes that are conjured in the confilct of Self. Basically, your fears manifest through others, but what is needed here is NOT medication, they need understandance of others and they need to evolve in their own pace, till they eventually understand that Capitalism isn't the evil of the world, and for me it was two videos that changed my view totally, because my emotions instead took over fully.

When you talk to a lot of other likeminded people, you tend to get stuck in that thinking because of the gaslighting of the socialist zombies (That force their values on anyone that does ont think alike.) and the ignorance of the truthseekers (That instead has a polarized, but free-thinking mind.) that fully believe in an evil New World Order that is in place to govern us all and make us mindless zombies.

What we truthseekers eventually come to understand is hopefully that everything is Socialism's fault, it's the fake love of the state that is the problem, but there is no-one out there to get anyone other then the ignorance that has many oh shapes and forms, usually they tend to be fascists of their own judgment, but aren't we all. It's the fear that some of the people reek off, that lashes out uncontrollably, that for most others become really strange because of the behavior. I don't really remember, what it was that changed me, but it all just went together like the hand in a glove.

Most people are supporting everyone else, out of the good will of others, and not out of the values that we should uphold. With that said, people help likeminded people and reject others that has totally other thinking patterns, I understand and accept that, because everyone's actions are based on the good will to others, but the good will of others or to others, will eventually corrupt us all, because we don't see the wrongs that we our selves are doing.

So I don't judge anyone of you, because I have already been there, and that is the divinity of a God, knowledge and wisdom through experiences and that is why they are usually shunned, because they either understand more than most others. Since people usually aren't independent in will and thought they will blame the one that shows them who they really truly are.

This explains why the Jews killed Jesus, and also why the romans eventually tried to save him, but because of the lack of basic understanding for the behavior of Jesus(In thought and will.), they instead judged him by their own understanding and with his death, he took away their sins. This is a really, really sad story. (He did not pardon people from their sins, because with his death, he could no longer judge the people's bad judgements and that is why the sins vanished).

I love everything that is on this planet so much, but there is also so much corruption.
Right wing vs Left wing, acting in the same manner, but not understanding it themselves. 
Left wings hate Conservative people so much right now, that they both provoke & inact violence or scream hatespeech openly or threats in addition to badmouthing and call them all sorts of things, it's all out of the good will, but you need to see that the Conservatives are now the new Jews, and if others does'nt notice this soon enough, then a new war will be brought upon us again. So is the truth.

I have tried to warn the ignorant masses my whole life, from time to time, but the last two years has been a really difficult journey. Many o' friends that no longer talks to me, because the truth that they heard, did hurt so much that they couldn't stand the sight of me. (I will be waiting, because everyone, awaken eventually.) Blaming others will not help anyone else, least yourself. A lie, may be making you, feel really good right now, but it will eventually become a deep scar, when the truth comes your way.

There is a full on morals & values corruption cleanse going on, judging others, will not make what has happened any better. That is Social Justice Warrior behavior, and you are the feel gooders that act upon your own understanding, mostly only the emotions. It's still not in your right to judge others if you, yourselves act like an angry mob of feeble animals fighting for the last peice of meat. Leftists are as bad as Right wings when it comes to hatred, and there need to be change, or mother nature will do that for us. 

Now! Cluster A again, when everyone has delt with paranoia, they will have other problems because they alse tend to have periods of manic behavior, that ends in delusions, still with self-interest in mind, because they tend to not see their own doing in things and blame others. There is a reason to why the comment 'Only God can place Judgement' arrived. Now these delusion's are mostly based in fear, and that is because your creative part of the mind is a bit more active at this time, meaning, that You don't have a balanced mind.

When you are in this state of mind, (which can also be achived by meditation and/or the use of drugs) which is because of the commencment of a 'higher' dose of serotonin or rather, since it is an effect of lowerd metabolism, with the higher brain activity it tends to slow down the visuals and give you a timedistortion because of the slow use of the serotonin(the bodies own dmt basically, dream substance) and since the serotonin that YOUR BODY produces, now has a slower metabolism to act out in, it will give out a much broader visual spectrum to be part of. Children with ADHD gets AMPHETAMINE, in small doses, and they get calmer. Wonder why.... Ha. Could it be because the metabolism of the heart gets higher? Yes it does, because that was my experience for 5 years. Going in and out of my body all the time because sience minded people believe in the lie of their self that their better judgement is there, but they have no Idea how the drug works. Well, Drugs alter the heart rate basically, on a macro level. The deeper aspects well, they are a whole lot more detailed than this. 

If you, in this state, come to find religion as a practice, then you still have to find yourself, all that you see are the ghosts of future, past and present, and they are how you see yourself and the consequences of your actions, and they are there to make you stand up for yourself and stop being afraid of everything. I had my share of visions, but after that I also had three days of death(ego death) while I was basically having diarrhea containing ONLY water. It felt Like I was burning from within in my whole spine and around my heart, I thought I was going to go through spontanious combustion. I didn't obviously. What I did though, was contacting my father('01) and mother('11) and sisters('11) after not talking to them since well, it's behind their names. I came to the insight of what I had done wrong and what part I had in everything that I have been through, so I contacted them, talked to them and forgave them. Forgiving others is easy, but forgiving yourself is not as much, since that holds all the memories of all the people that I had blamed for my mistakes. 

When that Is done anyway, all the visions just stop, that is why you can treat schizofrenia through terapy instead of lobotomizing them with anti-psycothic's that only make them numb emotionally. Time to stop being Mengle, the doctors needs to see their part in all the wrong doing, because the evidence has been imperical for ages, that it's mostly more dagerous than without it. that concludes the Cluster Tree. 

Autism! The non-existant problem. Not A sickness! 

Autism Spectrum is part of the very amazing metabolicly low spectrum. All impressions are stronger. That is all. Because of the lower metabolism of their bodies, they live in different time distortions. Check the brain activity. They probably have really active brains, the more active it is, the slower and smarter they tend to seem. They speak out of their own will and thought.

Spiritual ignorants.

The spiritual people that I have shared words with over and over, these past years, are often enough settling at narcissism in the roots of their spiritual practices, acting on others good will, again some problems never really change. Everywhere & Anywhere they still tend to become fascists and reject people that try to teach them the truth, very condescending and blaming others for the truth that are set upon them. All to many of the modern teachings of Spirituality are from false spiritual leaders and false guides, that think that they are Gods(Don't follow people that guide you towards Narcissim!) and these people still don't see their part in other peoples demise. Well! They have been uttering something interesting though and been talking about 'Crystal' and 'Indigo' children, for the most part of my life now. Autism people are often categorized in these boxes, Perhaps they should be placed there by some, but I felt it was important to learn about it for myself, so that I could teach other, but it is basically just there to fuel the Ego into letting people think they are special.

We are ALL special. It's all or none.
That is why high morals and god values are needed.
Through the individual we find the group.
That is the way of the rightious. 
Equality in duality.

I am rightious, but far from divine by my standards.


Av Slisk Lindqvist - 29 mars 2017 13:20

Så, hur håller man en "diskussion" på en lugn och sansad nivå?
Den nivå som jag känner att den borde vara på, eller din?

Att bli bemött med stort öppensinne och försöka förstå den som har yttrat ett påstående, och utifrån förfrågningar utav intresse vidareutveckla ämnet innan man kastar sig över med ego och allt och kastar allmän fakta. Är precis så som jag uppfattar en diskussion och det kanske är utopi tänk att lyckas hitta såpass öppna människor att ha kring sig.
Det sistnämnda alltså att bli bemött av ego med fakta är så som jag känner att mitt oliktänkande har bemötts från alla baser. Hur jag har blivit bemött är känslan av att ingen är intresserad av det jag har att säga, och bara vill KONSTATERA att jag har fel. Det är inte speciellt öppensinnat och väldigt respektlöst, det är inte heller speciellt ovanligt att det här händer.
Så vad gör man? Hur går man till väga? Jag själv blir kallad ignorant efter att jag yttrat det samma fast att det egentligen endast är trångsynthet.
Jag har ett huvud fullt med teser och en specifikt var spekulationen ang. flat earth teorin som jag till slut debunkade SJÄLV, den är dock fortfarande intressant, för att jag anser att den borde tas upp allmänt och diskuteras, resonligt och inte som ett hot till verkligheten. Inget ska behöva vara tabubelagt.  Den blev i varje fall inte accepterad att diskutera med någon eller någonstans, annat än i specifika forum, och där lär man sig inget nytt, den relationen varade inte ens en dag. Bemötandet jag fick uppleva resulterade i att jag istället blev provocerande och att det tog 6 månader istället för 2 att komma fram till det resultat som alla andra sa, varför?
Det ska jag tala om! Jo, för att alla kastade på fakta och trodde att jag skulle ta åt mig det bara för att de uppfattade det som allmänbildning och att de hade rätt. Det är inte så man bemöter andra människor, speciellt inte när man missat att ifrågasätta ämnet/allmänbildningen själv.
Jag är lite speciell, lite av en snowflake, mest för att ingen är den andra lik, för alla utsätts för olika förhållanden. Så Autism Spektra har jag läst in mig på något, verkar som att beteendet med en yngre mental ålder är vanligt hos vissa, där mental ålder kan variera från person till person, jag tror mer eller mindre att det egentligen har men den individuellt personliga mognaden att göra, men det stoppar en fortfarande inte från att tänka kring den iaktagelse som har gjorts. Se det som att du behöver vara pedagogisk istället så blir det inte så svårt att prata med andra, jag anser att alla människor har lika stor kapacitet och intresset utger upptagningsförmåga och inte nån jäkla IQ etc mätning. Det finns inga mer intelligenta eller intelligentare individer, det finns bara olika folk med olika intressen och bakgrunder. 

Jag bemöts av mer oförstånd än öppenhet, och det är ett samhällsproblem allmänt, det är anledningen till att människor inte kan respektera varandra eller andras kulturer.
Så vad är en diskussion? Jag anser att det är en kamp mellan egon och man ger sig bara in i den om man känner sig intellektuellt berättigad och det resulterar i en eller flera monologer i oförstånd. Så hur ska man bryta ner det då?

Ska man då istället kalla det samarbete med fakta differenser,
när det gäller ett ämne som kräver helt öppensinne?

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 28 februari 2017 20:40

Så, nu kan jag försvara mig med papper också, om att jag inte knarkar. hahaha
Får se hur det här blir då. Lär bli stoppad igen och igen och igen, men faktum är att jag tappar bort mig när jag pratar ibland och blir tyst, kommer på vad jag ska säga och säger det snabbt och det blir för snabbt, så jag saktar ner och om jag pressar mig så börjar jag stamma, så jag tystnar, det är ett kännetecken för att vara påverkad av narkotika, men min hjärna funkar inte som den ska alls, jag kan inte formulera mig om jag blir för glad, då blir jag intensiv till slut börjar jag stamma, jag har ingen aning om varför det är så, men jag är mentalt trött och varit det i många år.
Så jag lär bli intagen igen och igen och igen. Att spruta olika kemikalier i ögonen som bromsvätska är inte heller bra, bara så att ni vet. Då blir de röda dygnet runt, poliser lyssnar inte om du säger att du har asperger och adhd, de skiter fullständigt i det, och de kan inget om beteendemönstret av de syndromen heller, poliser blir inte lärda om det antar jag, kul för mig som beter mig som att jag är hög på amfetamin dygnet runt, pratar i blandade tonlägen och takter för jag vet inte vad och sen hjälper det nog inte att jag blir glad, ledsen, arg, frustrerad, glad, apatisk, glad, självmordsbenägen, arg, ledsen, tyst inom några minuter. Så det kan ha med ett möjligt tillstånd att göra som jag inte har på papper.
Det här känns i varje fall bra att få hem på posten.



The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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