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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Tisdag 18 sept 03:29



Hahahahahaha. Our Equality is what is needed. hahaha. Our respekt to all is what is needed. I awoke in 2016, I have walked with and against others. I am building up myself with my own strength as should you, and I will eventually give out the universal balance of nature. The one that God always Had in mind. I am Slisk, I am no-one, I am Mats(Gods Gift) I am part of the word, I am the Word. The Word that is spoken is Honesty and I am Honesty with a Truth that gives all answers. hahahaha God always has the last laugh hahahahaha I am but an angel of honesty. hahahaha. Nirvana Is What is given, the truth and everything with it, when the new history is written. hahahaha Love is the answer but in reason and respect to life. From chaos comes order, and in order comes respect. Only they who question their own truth will understand that. The mind is the creator and the mind is the world of astounding greatness it is the creators fractal and the free thinking; of all. We already live in a good outcome, we all just have to grow, and we will all see the truth, past the polarities and notice the equality and with that comes the true balance and the truth will reveal itself. No more hiding of the mind. hahahaha.


Resistance; is Relative to the Motion of the Energy that is added.
Give resistance and the most brutal will win, give in; and respect will take over.
Change from within.
Stand up to your values!
But not your bad deeds, change to the better or worse out of free will.

The deeper knowledge will be released in time. In Swedish. hahhaha
Time; is Relative to the motion of the Energy that is added. HAHAHAHA!

Knowledge; is Relative to the Reaction of the Energy that is added.




I am sorry for writing it in Swedish is really a diversive and loving language, as all languages are, that is why we need to be diversive so that we have more to learn from eachother. It was easier for me to express myself in my native tung and I think of all, I have always done that so the most important parts are in English. Many are indoctrinated with English, so that seems to be one of the natural choices to still have, because we need good and bad. The parts in English is Selectivly added so that you will want to know more. understand more. feel more. value more. respect more. There is so much love to all of you within me, that I am crying while writing! I hope to have it done by christmas this year. What I set my mind on, Will be done. All-In or void().  


Av Slisk Lindqvist - Onsdag 29 aug 16:15


Some of You might think, that I have a Messiah complex! I understand and Forgive you, but False Gods have no right to change Others. Don't Push Your Truth onto others! Only the Free willed Embrace God!

I AM The Awaited One! A Messenger of God!

God is different for All, but God is always Consistent by the Righteous!

God IS Truth!
Truth Is Honest!
Truth Is Strict!
Truth is Righteous!
Truth Is Unconditional!
Truth is Infallible!

To become A God is to Be Righteous by God!


I am Consistent!
I am Honest!
I am Strict!
I am Righteous!
I am Unconditional!
I am Infallible!

I AM Still Human!

I speak Only in My Truth or Not At All!
I am not Strong by my self,
To stand Righteously and not Place Judgment!
What We See, Is what We get, Because What we Give Is what We see!
Don't place your Judgment on others, See to yourself Firstly!

If you Place judgment, then you are no different from anyone else!

By God, Life is Equal, thereby Life is Sacred!
Don't be a Follower of False God's! Do not Idolize others!

Change your way, Children of God!

Become Truth Reincarnated!

I am The Messiah with Truth! Messiah is Reborn within You!


In Science, Occam's razor is Always Regarded primarily to be Chosen.
This is the Simplest of Answers for All to Embrace!

And God said "Let there be Light!" =D
(Happiness in the understanding of Truth.)

This Morning I got some more Insight.

"Judgement of others, is based on Your level of Innocence."


You are all innocent servants of Gods.

I am and I have told you before, that I am a messenger of Truth. God is Truth.
I am human, like everyone else. I have but one law for others to follow, All life is sacred.

You are supposed to stand up for your values! Not the bad habits or actions.
God is Truth, nothing more, nothing less. Truth is Simple, Truth is Righteous, Truth is Honest,
Truth is Strict, Truth is Unconditional!

Your pride took the best out of you and I lost my respect for you, for a while, till that in which I was awakened again. Respect the Truth, and the Truth Will respect you.

I have only had Truth to live by. I have seen my shortcomings, and I am still working on becoming the innocent God that is truly Unconditional. My judgment of others Morals can not be challenged, because in the Righteousness! All life is sacred! Selective behaviour is not Righteousness!


We have been thought by the innocence of others that, We Need to Love yourself, before we can love others and this is part of the path that we all have to take, in order to love other people! That is our destiny.
Truth will always guide us, as long as we are with righteous morals and values and stand tall to protect them.

Self-love though is only promoted by those who do not Question the Truth, thereby it will keep on creating Narcissism, and the consequences of the actions, well they end in the will to take whatever is their desires on the expense of others and Without remorse. The creation of Objectification of Others, materialism, sexism and Immoral Selective Behavior. Demands and Commandments of Others Will, Is the Path of Ego & Desires. They are of own creation and not in the Sincerity of other People's Free Will. This Will create the suffering of others! When you Do not Respect others! A Tug-of-War between Ego's will Arise!

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." ―  Isaac Newton

Upon that Truth, the Right way of learning how To Love others!

Which is not through the desires of the Ego, but instead that built out of Respect, but respect can not be given if you don't value yourself  first! You  need to feel respectfull towards others, before you can be treated with Respect. Thereby the Four Pillars must be established!
Because they are the foundation of the World.


All this in order for you all to uphold your Integrity, so that you can become Unconditional in the mutual respect towards Self and for All of Life. Now, there is One Truth that Can never be overwritten. We need to understand and Accept that we are capable of both Good & Evil.

The Chaotic Waves from the Internal battle between Righteousness and Desires is only found in balance, when your World is Flat. Only then can you live Righteously With Truth in Hand. God Is Righteous!
Morals and Values are Protected by the Righteous Few! You Can only Be Righteous if you Are Static!
Either something Is Wrong or It is Not. Question your Own Behaviors with Other Peoples Morals, but don't make them yours if You are the better judgement. All Life Is Equal in Value, therefore Life is Sacred.

Truth has always been there when you have asked for it's Guidance, you have only Chosen by Own Accord to Disregard It, because it has shown you, You! Therefore You have gotten hurt by your own Values. A lie will make you feel good, but Truth Hurts if you Do not Respect it. When you fully understand and accept it for what it is. You will Find inner Peace. Both in Mind and Heart. The Tug-of-War will End.

Do not judge other people, Accept them and what they say. All Wisdom given by others, is Filtered through our own Desires to be Right by our values and our knowledge at the time, Do not Act in Pride. God Is the Fascist! I Am A Fascist! Respect the Fascist, and you will get respect, Fascist!

Changes! Make understanding Easier! Time to Rewrite It Again.


All the unjustified judgment that you cast on others, Will be Mirrored Though You in behaviour,
for others to Judge upon! See No Evil! Hear no Evil! Speak no Evil!
I have Always Known my Truth, Therefore I have acted In Pride. Knowing your Faults, Creates opportunity for change! If others Point them out. Don't make It true. Respect What is Noticed and
double check it with Your Truth.



Av Slisk Lindqvist - Tisdag 28 aug 17:42


You first and not others, you serve others through yourself!

I am mearly human, because we are all equals in the prescence of Truth. You are all innocent because of your ignorance of your own behavior, that is why "Ignorance is Bliss". I have always been told to stand up for others, I have always been told to love myself, before I can love others. You Can Not, by The Truth that I am, be loved by others if you love yourself.

Self-interest is an expression of Desires to be loved, It Is the road to emptyness and narcissism, It Is the road into the world of becoming an object of sexism and of others amusement, A slave of others. I had to learn the hard way, that all that we are, are the mirrorings of how we view others. Everyone have been traveling all over the world experiencing things, judging it because of expectations, and then preaching to others what they have been doing, making others jelous of their travels etc. Out of the goodness of their hearts, I understand that, and much love towards you all because of that!

We must rebuild ourselves to be able to become our best selves and the four pillars is what is needed, Truth is Knowing something! If you are to do something then you need to Know who you are! What you are! What you stand behind! As long as, you aren't your best self, you will not be able to respect yourself or others, meaning you will never be able to love others out of respect only out of lust. The four pillars that hold up the world (which is you.) are - 

(Knowing you can do Anything, Standing up against your Fears. Knowing that their are No barriers in life. Before you say no, test it.),

(Knowing your worth without outside admiration. Knowing that you are good as you are. Knowing that you will have a good life.),

(Knowing that you are Equal to everyone. Knowing that You cause everything that you take part in. Knowing that you are not always right. Knowing what does & does not feed the Ego. Accepting All of you and understand that you are capable of both the 'good' or 'bad'.),

(Respecting Your own Values and upholding them with good sense of what is right or wrong. Not letting other peoples thoughts and values become your vaules and thoughts, instead consider everything as an opinion.)

When you start taking responsibility for what you have created, then you will be closer to the Truth.

Values are made not to be broken, but to be upheld!

I love all life forms, I respect their existence and I am amazed by the Truth that is shown just by looking at them. Maybe I'm A God, Maybe Not. You have a free will to choose what to believe in, but A God is someone that has strong Morals & Values and Stand Up to them, while Acting out that Truth, upon his/her-self and others In a righteous manner, those that does not respect others will be judged. But if You are not Righteous and selective to which one's you judge, then you should not judge others. There is no right or wrong in the world, but there are values, and the basic value is to treat others with the respect that you, yourself want from others.

 You have to give, to be able to get. Then you will have Respect of others. Since we are all equal life forces, we should also be treated in that manner, but firstly, you have to initiate and treat other as an equal life force, you sow what you reap. As I said earlier, we mirror the judgment that we hold onto others onto ourselves. Either, we are narcsissists or we show others what we think of them. I See the wrongdoings in the world right now and I want change! So I WILL Be That Change.

Respect the Fascist and the respect will be given to the Fascist.

I have set out to become a person that others can look up to, not to be Idolized, but Righteous and Fair.
I will then have to have Values and Morals that others, eventually looks to and live by themselves!
I want to inspire You to become a better person! A Righteous Person. Then, for that to come True, You need to start with the simple Truth that there is Only Yes or No in the Morals. Maybe is the word of the coward. Maybe are for those without self-respect. Maybe is for those with the fear of what others will think if they say No! Maybe is for those that does not behave or Act Equally towards others and are selective with their Respect! All Life is Sacred. It is that Easy, Life should then Be Respected. 

I am The Fascist! I am the Yes or the No, in Your behavior. If you are Immoral. I will point that out. Because Life comes first. Judgment will fall upon you eventually, when you see and understand your part in others suffering! I say this and this is what you Need to understand, so Respekt my Words without judgment, because you have no right to Judge others when you are selective with what you stand for, with bad Moral understanding comes Bad Judgment. You are the Values that you stand up for, So don't break them because of bad character. Truth is not there to be nice, It is there to be Truth. A Static answer to the same Question. We are the mirrorings of how we view others! Our morals and values may not like your actions and therefor We Judge others, but If we ourselves do the same wrong, then we are not to be trusted as good Judgement. All Life Is Equal, but your actions speak for your Values. If you behave bad in any way, then you prove to yourself that you are selective in the values that you share with others.


You Must Stand Up to your Values, NO Exceptions! Not protect your Immoral behaviors, because it is the Actions that you are being judged by, not the values! What you may think is right by you, might not be right by others, and Eating the Flesh of or hurting other Life Forms Is Not Okey! Murder is not right! If you take part in it, then you are a supporter! Taxes is annual theft! Money should be given freely and not stolen! If you promote Theft in any form, then you are Immoral.

Still I understand the good will of the heart that everyone has, We all want to make everyone see the same things and make a change for the better, but this world is about to crash down I respect the level of values and knowledge that you all are operating on, but I don't accept the actions. At all.

Here comes a speaker of truth!

People are waiting for a Messiah a Messenger of Truth, that Can make the world better. I have no,
Idea if I am supposed to be this person, I don't believe in my self to be an Idol of others. I Know that I am a Voice of God, A Messenger of Truth. Only God Can Judge! You are All in some sense awakening your Inner God of Righteousness, you are the creater of your Reality. Don't let others form you into their slave! You should be a Independant Genuine Individual! We all Need to act upon our morals, but if we aren't Righteous in Equality, then we have no right to tell others, that they are right or wrong! You only punish yourself by acting in without an understanding of the consequences.

Truth is, that If you see Innocence, then you will display innocence for others to take part of. It's just so damn difficult to find you all Innocent, when you are judgemental towards anything that is creating an opposite alternative view of the reality that you hold true. Everyone's values are equal in value, Everyone's creativity is Equal in value. People that are unsure of themselves tend to listen to others and take in their values instead of creating your own. #tired (Almost falling asleep.)

I will Update with more text later on. Truth is Righteous, Don't judge others Truth's, based on your Truth.



Av Slisk Lindqvist - 29 mars 2017 19:21


Om vi är en allätare, varför blir vi sjuka av kött?
Om vi är en allätare, varför dödar vi instinktivt allt vi ser när vi är små?

Om vi är en allätare, har då veganer en genetisk hjärnskada? Right? För att vi kan praktisera empati mot ett djur, vi börjar gråta när vi ser ett djur fara illa.
Så om vi är allätare, då är vi verkligen hjärnskadade.


Det vanligaste sagt från en köttätande individ är påståendet att vi är allätare och att de aldrig skulle kunna sluta äta kött. Är det inte det svaret så är det protein frågan som dyker upp, vilket ALLT innehåller. Kött har bara en högre dos av det.
Nästa blir B12, "det får du ju från kött" NEJ, Djuret fick det från vatten och växter som innehåller bakterier, anledningen till att jag "måste" ha suppliment är för att vattnet vi använder är sterilt.


Jag berättade att jag skulle stödja alla lagar som kom på tal om att tvinga låtsas köttätare,
att behöva sluta äta kött eller minska på det.
Det är dags att folk slutar tro att vi är högst upp på näringskedjan, vi är inte i närheten.

Svaret var: "Jaha?"

Se den här videon: Om du är empatisk så är det här nog intressant och du kanske överväger att sluta äta kött och bli en växtätare som du blev född till.


Av Slisk Lindqvist - 29 mars 2017 00:37


I am utterly tired of halfwits and people that think they know because they read facts and don't use their own brain and think. Maybe I am really wrong, but atleast I'm trying. I am angry at many and this is what I believe. No BS or anything. Just see the problems, accept the truth and become a Vegan, You where never even made to eat flesh from anything and most likely not the animals around you. So why the popculture belief of being an carnivore? Enviorment is the frikkin answer! We went north, and it was really damn hard to find blueberries in the middle of December! What was near to survive on? Cannibalism, read about it, and they probably started to hunt at around that time to. No I am not going to give you facts want them find them yourself. If you can't think for yourself GTFO! 

This is what I believe and I wrote it to the one person that is a Vegan that I admire the most.
Gary Yourofsky, a well known Vegan Activist. I am myself an extremist, mostly because everything is going in such a slow pace, we don't really have the luxuary to discuss the whole what are we going to do dilemma. I know what I need to do. What are you going to do?



Meat eaters... They will tell you the most funny stories, like that we are over populated and the only way to save earth and feed everyone is to kill a large part of the population, well that would work, would be a great idea, lets kill the meat eaters, well no. Because that is the ideas of someone that only thinks in the short run, and why would we repeat history? That is what we should not do, but still we do. The problem is that to few are vegans. None of us should even be anything else, but Vegans! Why? Because we don't need to eat meat and it is probably what is making people sick. Research! Learn! Take care of the world, it is a living organism. Stop being a parasite! 

How many of you even think about the fact that animals also needs food? They eat 15 times what it is worth producing that steak that you are about to eat, there are no frikking food crisis! [How much does a cow eat?] There is plantations big as smaller countries making food for animals everywhere, so they can sell the crops to dairy farmers, that make the cows  which is living ANIMALS fat as they at the same time make the cows produce milk by raping them over and over and over every year. Stealing their babies! What If you didn't need to torture all the animals?! Hmm. WELL THINK! I am really upset.

This is the only desert reduction program in the world, one "organisation" that started with one persons stupid idea.


Even if Allan Savory made a really darn bad decision that I detest him for, he found out something that every fucking human being should have in the back of it's head!!!

2/3 of the world is in desertification. Wake up and smell the roses!

Anyone read about the elephants he talked about? He say's that they killed over 40.000 elephants! They have long life spans, they usually live long and they have really good memory! They killed the old elephants, the elders, before they had teached the young ones, when they killed them they almost killed of all traditions for elephants, anyone noticed how elephants later on after this decision started to act? They got aggressive. Wouldn't you be angry If someone killed your relatives and left you bare with nothing else but grief?

I wrote another post but in swedish eariler. Here is the translation.
==> Media ads and news report on new studies, food and diets.
You want the food/diet that is being reported to be the top and the best.
Marketing offices notices the want and reports to Industry that accnowledge the need or want so they make the things sell it to a food chains and make tons of money,
you buy the product is happy and, you get sick, you go to a doctor, the doctor informs you that he will keep in touch, sends a bloodwork to a researcher which works at a science institute finds out what it is and needs to develop a product to counter the sickness, so the formula is sent to the
pharmaceutical companies create a working product, later on selling it to the nearby drug stores, you get a call from the doctor which prescribe the medication, you go of buying medicine, and the result of this is that you feel better ==> That is the "merry go round."

Damn I forgot to add in the schools which also receives the researchers information and students get knowledge about how important it is to have diversity in the diet built upon the thesises of people that depend on the money from a sponsorship from the pharma, meat and dairy industries. No money no research. Simple as that.
The schools teaches the basics about food diversity without any real proof or evidence that is built upon true excevation, just thesises/ theories that is pussled togheter upon the belief and habit of that we should have meat and dairy, chicken, fish and eggs in our diet. Because the majority of the world thinks we are omnivores? The only reason that this is not yet disproven is because of the biggest industries in the world, where the center for all attention is the US&A. 
Big Pharmas, Meat & Dairy Industry earnings per year is roughly pictures down under.
I did not search for the other stuff like "egg industry yearly profit" like i did with the other ones. This should be sufficient to prove a point. What these have incommon is that they have lots and lots of money and the use a lot on ads and act as sponsorship for reasearch at medical institutions and other things that helps your buisness out, like the meat and dairy is helping out with agruculture, farmers etc. This is a big industry that covers the whole world.


Making you want things because you have been duped to think thinks, then you get sick of it and all you can do is listen to what is there, work and pay your medical bill, because you wheren't thinking of the long run.
None of these things is on purpose, and it is not a conspiracy, it's just the way it spins around.

In the schoolbooks it states that we are natural omnivores. There is still no real research in my eyes and oppinion on this manner, it is most likely asumptions that led to be facts out of cherry picking because of a great ego. (on top of the food chain thing) So there is really a need for someone to take this on to a serious level of research. The very mention of that drug companies, meat, egg, chicken & dairy industry should be enough to think one byte more than a bit really, there are lots of really interesting points given out by Dr. Milton Mills, which I should research into even a bit more, for now I have not been able to find any errors with him or what he says, he proposes or rather states that we are natural herbivore's and I believe that to be true, and that enviorment and situation is what made us able to adapt to meat in the first place as a desperate emergency solution and not out of natural instincts and because animals gave a greater feeling of satiation, they kept on hunting, but still prioritized the gathering foods. Probably because they tasted better and still was easier to get than meat. Still not a commodity.

What is the impact of him being right? What is the impact of stating that every animal product is made out of suffering and is not probably even meant to be food
. As I said earlier, there is no conspiracy. This is the one who came first? The chicken or the egg debate. I do not think it was planned, I think they will do just about anything to maintain their power & money. It is a form of materialism rooted in love for money, more or less greed, that has corrupted the ones with money, to potentially wanting more and leading to some rather bad decisions.
Induviduals sometimes get lost and these industries have a lot of profit earned by induviduals, we should not be angry at them, rather forgive them and let them evolve to be the best people they can, which in my sense is to stop the animal holocaust and stopping with the bad decisions that could end up putting them in jail. We don't really have time to fight eachother, not now, not ever, because the world is struggeling on it's own and we are all trying to understand so many things and can not see all the connections.

This is a part of people not being thought by life that they are actually herbivores/Vegans, that we are loving people that do not have to live with a world filled with death and mutilations. Because we kill the animals, we are killing ourselves and the planet. Please reaseach animal cruelty, veganism, respect & empathy. Soul search yourself and for the love of God, please stop thinking it is okay to kill. It has never been. In this time, in this era,
we do not need to eat flesh of something living at all! It's barbaric!

Peace brothers & sisters of an equal world with the view of no suffering.

Herbivore arguments in these videos.

Here is the video that "debunk" the herbivore speculation. This is probably one that is not Vegan at all.

This is just speculations about cheese, but watch it, maybe it is true.




Av Slisk Lindqvist - 28 mars 2017 16:48

Ni alla borde vid det här laget veta om att jag är vegan, och att jag har tänkt att stå upp för djurs rättigheter och lika värde bland ALLT levande. Samtidigt som jag lever efter min egen diet, som är väldigt stickt där JAG utesluter en massa saker som jag ändå skulle ätit för mycket utav om jag fortsatt och kombinerat det. Jag vet att jag inte är en läkare, jag gillar bara att läsa fruktansvärt mycket om saker som andra inte hinner med på sin fritid eftersom att jag har haft "turen" att få många år fritid. Jag har dedikerat mycket tid till att läsa in på kost, och kött enligt mig, borde vara uteslutet i vilken persons liv som helst. Det kommer inte komma ut att det är ohälsosamt och ligger till grund för sjukdomar, det kommer inte öppet antydas om att det är anledningen till bl a. Alzheimers, Diabetes, Hjärt och Kärlsjukdomar, alla industrier går runt på en kedja, Det är en cykel.
==> Media meddelar dubbla meningar ang. mat, Du vill ha den mat som för tillfället sägs vara toppen, Industi arangerar/säljer det till en näringskedja, du köper produkten, du blir sjuk, du går till en läkare, läkaren meddelar vidare till en forskare, forskningsintitutet tar fram en produkt, läkemedelsföretagen skapar produkt, säljer den till närliggande droghandel, läkare skriver ut medicin, du köper medicin, du mår bättre ==> börja om.

Glömde att skola är med där också som får information från forskningsintitut och enstöringars teorier som skapat under väldigt lång tid, skolan lär upp kostcirkeln utan några riktiga belägg för att vi ska ha kött och mejeri, kyckling, fisk och ägg i den. Inget av det här är med flit och en konspiration, det är bara så det snurrar runt. I böckerna står det att vi är naturliga allätare. Det är fortfarande inte nämnt att för att läkemedelsföretagen ska kunna få reda på felet, så de kan skapa formeln för sin medicin så krävs forskning, så de sponsrar forskningen, det är inget ont med det, men när man börjar tjäna pengar så vill man inte sluta tjäna pengar. Då kan det komma dåliga beslut. Detta är en vem kom först? Hönan eller Ägget diskussion. Jag tror inte att det blev planerat, jag tror att de gör allt för att behålla sin makt bara.
Av det jag har läst om Alzheimers, så kan en strikt växtbaserad kost hjälpa att dra tillbaka symptomen, bättre är det om man även utesluter tillsatt socker.
Australien har ett forskningsinstitut som håller på med ultraljuds forskning, det har visat sig fungera på möss för att hjälpa dem få tillbaka minnet, och försök på människor ska ev. startas upp i år eller början på 2018. (Även om jag är emot djurförsök så kan det här hjälpa även djuren.)
Jag har själv under en väldigt lång period (nästan 10 år) haft problem med med magen, där jag vaknade mitt i natten, av att det högg så fruktansvärt att jag inte kunde göra annat än att gråta.
Jag bytte till strikt kost, åt bara äpplen och jordgubbar, lite nötter och till och från sallad( oftast bara tomater eller morötter) det blev som att fasta, samtidigt så drack jag mycket citronvatten och pressad juice. Det jag pratar om är en Raw Food diet. Den kan man tydligen dö utav, enligt vissa som lyssnar på media. Jag är inte död.
JAG VILL att min morfar sätts på diet på prov, kanske inte så extremt som jag gjorde det, men på tre månader borde man ha fått resultat. Får man inget gott resultat, då är vi väl köttätare/allätare och alla sjukdomar kommer från vattnet. Inte vet jag.
Det här ÄR skillnaden på blodkärlen bara. Det där är fett.

Jag blir bara förbannad när jag ser sånt som det här.
Varför? För att det inte är utlärt. [ Alzheimers: 8 min ][ Dietskifte: 11 min ] 
Protein finns för övrigt i allt, kött innehåller bara fruktansvärt mycket mer, 10-20 ggr mer vad jag har sett. Det gör att man blir trött, och man brukar säga att blodet rusar till magen när man ätit mycket kött, det kan mycket möjligen vara så att vi förbrukar mer energi än vad vi får utav det valet.
Laila, Helena, Tove, Tommy, Jeanette, Royne, Britta, Felicia, Victor.
Ni här under är med i den här posten för att jag vill att ni undervisar er själva angående protein, kött, ost etc, och börjar se fördelen i att välja bort kött från kosten helt. Det gäller även de ovan men det är främst för min morfars del jag skriver det här.
Gabriel, Anita, Carola, Zimona, Christoffer, Sofia, Ellinor, Gunvor, Patrik.
Jag vet att några av er här lever bland livsstilar och jag vet att Ray, aldrig skulle dumpa köttet, älskar dig brorsan, men kan du i varje fall börja addera en större potion sallad i kombination?
Ni är några av mina närmsta vänner, som har stöttat mig när det har varit som svårast, jag vill inget annat än ert bästa, och att det hjälper naturen gör det bara bättre. Har jag glömt någon så är det väl tråkigt att jag inte tänker på dem lika mycket.
Peter, Peter, Nikolaj, Raymond, Beatric, Janina, Robin, Alex, Magnus
Det pågår många studier där det verkar som att en växtbaserad kost får en att må bättre, och där deppression kan motverkas, jag mår inte ens hälften så dåligt psykiskt som jag gjorde innan jag valde bort kött.
Sanna, Nina.
I övrigt så finns det många saker som man kan välja istället.
[ Är man rädd för att man inte ska få i sig omega 3/6 så finns det i chiafrön, är man rädd att man inte ska få i sig tillräckligt med A vitamin, ät morötter, beta kerotin omvandlas i kroppen, D vitamin, spendera mer tid i solen, vi var inte byggda för att sitta inomhus under tak som skydd för fint väder. C vitamin hittar du i nästan allt, fruktsocker finns i allt från äpplen till isbergssallad, protein finns i alla växter annars hade djuren dött och jag varit död för längesedan, Kalcium, finns inte bara i mjölk, det fanns från början i gräs därav innehåller mjölk kalk, men det går även att hitta kalk i broccoli och andra växter.
Det enda som vi inte kan få i oss som vi fick från kött, är B12, varför det fanns i köttet är för att djuren åt gräs eller föda som har bakterier, drack vatten från vattenpölar och backar etc. för B12 är utvunnet/konverterat från bakterier som inte längre finns naturligt i vårt vatten eftersom att vi renar dricksvattnet med diverse kemikalier. Vad jag har förstått det så behövs minst 10μg per dag eller ett större intag utav 2000μg i veckan. (BEHEPAN är B12 suppliment, en burk med 100 st tabletter varav 1000 μg per tablett och köps på apoteket för 119kr.)
Ett plus till, man behöver inte engagera sig till att gå ner i vikt heller, kroppen förbränner det fett som är i kroppen om man håller det fettsnålt, men fett behövs så nötter och avokado är viktigt att ha i kosten, så att man fungerar, nötter innehåller även massor av mineraler som man behöver. som t.ex magnesium. ]
Jag har tänkt att sammanställa ett fotoalbum både i min vegangrupp
[ Öppensinnade Veganer - [Sverige] ] och på min Facebook
[ Slisk Lindqvist/Album/Project: Näringsvärde ] med värden som är i 100g nämnd vara.
Att vara vegan är inte svårt, definitvt inte när man börjar tänka på alla djur man kan hjälpa till och rädda i processen, men det kan ni läsa om senare, det här handlar främst om häls.
Här är några videor, många förespråkar att vi är Allätare och att vi alltid varit det, men jag tror inte det alls. Den här personen har samlat mycket information som talar för det jag tror, att vi är naturliga växtätare och behovet och situationen skapade vårat nya intränade beteende. Därför tycker jag att man ska se videorna och börja tänka själv och inte styras av andra eller böcker från nån fanatisk filosof på 1700-talet. 
Det rekommenderas att man är bra på engelska för att förstå innehållet.

 Youtube Vbloggaren Mic. the Vegan: 
(Anledningen till att jag främst delar med hans videor är för att han delar information som är relevant, kort och med fakta i bakgrund och länkat.)
Dessa är väldigt korta videor. [ 11 min ] [12 min ] [ 8 min ] Innehåller mycket info.

Seminarie, Milton Mills, MD. [ 78 min ]
En "läkare" jag vet inte, men han har väldigt många bra kommentarer i ämnet.


Vegan studie? [11 min ]
Fetma och Diabetes studie.

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 20 mars 2017 03:37


So what is the plus side to the change? I wont tell you, I will give you the reason for the change in these videoes. Empathy, Equal value, Love.

First of, you weren't ever meant to eat meat
  and you where definitely not meant to drink Milk your whole life!

(Keep watching his channel, he has interesting facts which could convince you to change)

I will now give you three very interresting movies, more fact no fiction. Stop the denial.

Food Choice:



So the science and gore was not enough? Will Empathy from a loving person give you a heart then?

So what is the downside of not eating meat? I would lie if i told you that you did not get one good thing at least, D-vitamin! Yeah, but if you go out in the sun YOUR OWN BODY will create it. Yaay! One more point though, B12, from bacteria, so well. We could need to eat suppliment or drink unclean water. I don't see this as a big problem. 

B12 Information in this link! 

If we don't change, the world will not be here for the later generations.

Prince EA - Man vs Earth

Prince EA - Dear Future Generations: Sorry

I really hate being right some times, but please rethink your eating habits, you don't need to change it 100% veganism idealism right away, because your choice not to eat meat less is at least a start. Better than nothing right?

I really love this song, hopefully, you will notice the sadness in the tone and feel with it.

John Lennon - Oh my love

Over and Out.  Peace and much love my friends. <3

I made a Vegan Facebook group called "Öppensinnade Veganer - [Sverige]" it is mostly in Swedish atm so only nordic members are aloud.





The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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