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Av Slisk Lindqvist - 27 januari 2018 13:12

Everyone are Empath's. Not up for discussion, it's a statement.
We mirror each other when we are on the same 'wavelength'.
The one's that we resonate with mirror us all the time. (Walk in the same pace, same heart-beat, breathing at the same time. Japanese calls this something special that I can't remember right now, it was in a car commercial a couple of years ago.)

This is really good to know when you walk in on a new adventures relationship, it could change everything! It could be the best thing that have ever happened to you, but if they are abusive, or act narcissistic, say stupid things etc..... Well, don't judge. 
Do this! Look towards how this person is with others, If he/she behaves in the same way as with you, then it is truly he or she who is the problem, otherwise, you better look towards yourself in first hand. I would go to the latter from the beginning since you're the one that could be the 'offended' one. (Even others bad habits are mirrored, that is why I don't like alcohol, drugs or smoking, I keep coughing up slime or feeling the effects. Cannabis is not a drug! It's medicine, read all about! It's news everywhere!)
Back to the offended bit, right? Don't judge others, see to yourself! Because your behavior, will be mirrored in every relationship that you have and if you keep blaming others for it you will never be able to have a good life or relationship, the people that have understood this have really good relationships.
This is what I have learned on my road so far and I have much more to learn, so does everyone else too.
It's difficult for most people to accept this, but such is the truth. Never easy, and most of the time it hurts more at the second you hear it till you start to understand what I meant by it. 

This is Karma in it's basics. It's beatiful. 
Don't think that this is the truth? Start thinking about it and you will notice all the people around you acting different when they are with different individuals, often enough even copying each others, so stop being jelous because you think that others have a better connection, be happy that they are able to be such good friends instead, and depression is the low levels of serotonin, so lets grab & eat some veggies. #govegan

Read all about the Serotonin and how to get it in this factbased compilation, that actually kind of hints that it's wrong eating animals, but never really stating it out loud. Since, well, it's controversial and your serotonin system works as it's own moral pointer.  => LINK <=

I know that I seem harsh, but truth is truth, and you can't cherrypick what is true or not, just because you want to flee from reality. Stop blaming others for what you obviously have done to yourself. 

This here is a answer towards a person that had ended an abusive relationship and victimized herself by talking shit about her ex. Openly in a group, this is the real narcissist.  'Hey look at me I had a rough time! Please see me and feel sorry for me.'  They usually miss it themselves, and it's always someone elses fault. 


Av Slisk Lindqvist - 11 januari 2018 20:20

I am the Lost White Brother that The Hopi was talking about. 

I am the/a Messiah (Messenger of Truth) All clans of the realm can be part of my view. 
I am A Ray of Knowledge.

God = Truth (The combination of Knowledge and Blind Belief makes the trinity of Clarity / Truth / God). When you reconnect to yourself then you are part of the knowledge. Then you become a God, a ray of truth After trials, and the road is not easy. 

I Thought that I had lost it and become crazy after I had gone through the misintepreted state, where all your past is revealed and you have to deal with it.

Day of Purification, The Purgatory, Night of the Dark Soul, Barzakh, Psychosis and many more, what I tend to call the Chain of Birth. 

This state is when you go from your negative pole (Blue Kachina, Hell, Naraka, Jahannam, Depression etc.) and meet EVERYTHING, depending on what you have done and been through, is how you deal with this, some just naturally find them selves, make a purpose and spread happiness and hope to others, these are the people of the Rainbow that I am part of. People of every color, race or nation. Sharing unconditional love. I don't know if we actually came from the stars, but I still hold true to my understanding that I am from the Sagittarius outer Arm and not the Orion Arm. BTW. On My 15th birthday even the sun gave out a ray of hope. 


This was around when I awakened last time. It scares me, not only that the sun loves me, but that It followed me, till I got lost again. I am trying to accept who I am, by understanding it and I will probably make the sun vanish completely for a new rebirth. I don't know, many are talking about the sun's 'upgrade' going over to pure white light. My heart is so cold, It is quite weak, when I had my awakening, I looked upon the moon, and thought of it as a hologram, and I told it to be gone. It was gone for three days, for all the M E IDIOTS to see, I told them, and my father, he told me that the Bible changed, and that the moon vanished, and he could see something materialize.  Schitzofrenia is not a sickness, it is sanity of using the whole brain at the same time, but it has not been accepted for hundreds of years. 

This did happen, the sun did follow me around. You can't be paranoid if it's true.  

When we find it to accept what we have been through, and forgive the others 'that have harmed us', well that is easy, but what the chain shows is actually, what you have done, and when or if you can handle it to forgive yourself, depending on your values, then you go through the last part, the cleansing of the body, Toximia. YOU ARE NOT DYING! I thought so when I had it, three days of 'everything' that came into my body, went right through it, and my body was so pure, but I was like a stupid child. 

I haven't mentioned that this is something that you go through when you cleanse your body, Yeah, you have to do that first, I didn't I got mine through anti-depressants. The cleansing of the body is eating stuff that isn't dead or sticky or cloggs when eaten cold. Because our heart, needs to beat slow, for us to be a part of everything, slow but strongly. We create our own biomagnetic field, and it is measurable with science, but since everyone don't give a damn of history, they clearly missed out on how to apply Historical events to other facts. 

This is the Fifth awakening, If we can't hold it up this time because we start relying in others, then we don't need to exist at all. Still, we are all seeds that needs to warm up and dive into the soil. Here are three pictures, they are scientific data on the global warming, please use google, or books or anything, to apply historical events to all the anomolies. Then you will see what I have seen for some time now. We are all connected and our hope is what fuels the unconditional love that we give others, take care of everything, and everyone, and spread love.


Yeah, when you have passed the 'purification', you will enter into 'Heaven', 'Eternal Happiness' and what ever you like to call it. The purpose of a good is to strive for perfection, that means prolonging of life and the highest of morals through high values. I awoke pure, not many do that, but hopefully, many will. This is a road on which we teach others how to shed themselves of their ego, and get them to understand themselves, the ego is what shields you from the truth right now. You don't want to believe in it as to be truth. 

To become perfection there is a system at play, you are now an empath, you are capable of feeling others feelings and intent, either you handle it as you should, with a kind heart and with forgiveness and see it as insight in your own behaviour when the values you follow are deep enough to be called devoted to self. 

This world that we live in is a quantum mechanical wonder, and our brains are the same, what we believe in is made seen. If we know it to be true, then it becomes real, that is the deceptions of the world. If you don't understand that, then the information was to early as of yet. 

Would you release untamed savages into a realm of peace? I think not! I wouldn't. I would see to it that there could NEVER be a disturbance in that peace!  So with technology I would secure it, and I would give everyone eternal life, till they took in the teachings that I gave them, and then release them, If they would fail they would die, everyone has their limit to their bodies. We are here to learn, how to live as one, and understand everyone, relentless of what they have been through, this realm is an exact copy of the real realm, and we have occult = secret practices that make us dive in to other realms. I have put myself to think in these ways anyhow. 

I know that all is truth or nothing is, and that the world is to perfect to even have existed without a creator, we are all seperations of our own consciousness, and everything created here is true, or false, it is up to all to take it in. Suck it up and understand. When we all stop fighting ourselves, we will become one with the consiousness and the life there after will be that of full understanding. I am a person that changed my name from Mats 'gift of god' to Slisk, which got it's own meaning on the road, I chose this path, so that I could lead others in the right direction. 

We are all co-creators to this creation saga, all we know by heart to be truth, will become real, our first lesson is to learn values, our second is to accept others, the third is to be separate so we can understand how we are connected, and the forth is to forgive, fifth is to Love each other, Sixth is to Trust in eachother, the Seventh is to acknowledge and know what others say is truth, and that you chose to enter into their realm of creation if you activly want to, eight is to take part in the ascended masters teachings and the ninth is to ascend and transcend spiritually. 

The world that we live on now is earth, and earth is an egg of life. all the joy that we give will eventually be what it gives back. The sun used to be the god, and also the earth, but they are two of creation. Trinity.  The holy spirit is the light of purity. 

NO ACT OF VIOLANCE IS OF GOOD! What we have to live after here is a set of rules, made by gods truthful, so that others would follow the same path, but over and over people did not see it or listen. It is the same now. We have the Golden Rule / Karma / What you give out is what you get. Since all is Empath's, like neurons or connections in the brain. Why do we fight as though we didn't have one? Learn to see what you have been tought not to see. 

The Ten Commandments where made as guidelines with you in the center, understanding that you are all of creation, a creator and the creator, and even if you think that it is okey to be selfish and don't care of the next of kin, I don't think it is. The Chakra system, are actually glands in the body, that you need to cleanse so that you can create the Torsion Field. That is how you reconnect with yourself. You need to understand that the glands are cleaned by the change of your whole lifestyle. That means in every way. So use the seven deadly sins in combination of the chakra release system. AND NO KILLING ANYTHING IS NOT RIGHT! We can stop eat and live forever if everyone agrees upon it as truth. Every option is up to debate. 


I may not be as capable of an inventor as he was, but I have had other interests in my life, like searching for the facts so that I could know how far we are from the goal. Do not cheat towards real enlightenment, the purer you are, the closer you get. 

Humans emit light, we emit lots of light when we tend to have a healthy body. The more light we eat, the more potential we have to give. I have been collecting information that seems legit enough to be used, you need to relearn everything that you know and when you think in the way of languages and how the landscapes are in the area, then you have the answer for which languages that arent corrupted by bad frequencies. Or rather, Oral communication, communicate how the heart feels. So empath's know when people have bad intent, through the vibration and the biomagnetic field that we create. 

I could write a whole book, but I don't think that it should be done yet.



Av Slisk Lindqvist - 5 januari 2018 21:02


COGITO, ERGO SUM: (Latin för: Jag tänker, alltså är jag.)
En sats som den franske filosofen René Descartes formulerade.

Så, det motbevisas enkelt med att sluta tänka, och att andra fortfarande kan se dig, därför finns du fortfarande. För att sluta finnas så måste man först övertyga andra, 'att inte vara medvetna om ens existens' och sedan själv sluta vara medveten om sin egna existens. Att sluta tänka räcker inte då.

Om man bara är (släpper sitt medvetande) och slutar relatera till den form man har nu, så försvinner man endast tills dess att man påminns utav andra. 

" Att existera, är att vara en del i andras medvetande. " - Slisk Lindqvist  
" To Exist, is to be part of others consciousness. " - Slisk Lindqvist






The Philosophies of a Mad Man.

All Life is Equal.
All Life is Sacred.
Respect Life & Life will Respect you.

I Am Morally Strict and Righteous. We all need to Change for the better, because we are all Connected.

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